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Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging is the easy way to maintain neat edges around your lawn, flower beds or pathways, and we have a wonderful range to choose from all at Internet Direct Prices and available for Rapid UK Delivery. There is everything from Brick Effect, Mow Over and Flexi-Edge to Plastic, Bamboo and Natural Log including well known brands such as Everedge and Smart Edge.

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Everedge Classic Lawn Edging

Keep your lawn, driveway, pathways, flower or vegetable beds neatly edged with this Classic Lawn Edging.

From £35.99
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The easy way to create neat, shaped or straight lawn borders

From £19.99
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Lawn Edge

This Lawn Edge can act as a barrier between lawn and border, helping you install a nice sense of structure to your garden.

From £2.99
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Smartedge Additional Securing Pins

Additional securing pins for the Smartedge Edging system. Contains 150 pins.
BUY NOW: £9.99

Greenfingers Victoria Solar Garden Edging 45 x 186cm

Unusual, ornate and stylish, this Greenfingers Victoria Solar Garden Edging will look fabulous in your garden borders and then, when dusk falls, the solar lights from the two lamps will brighten your garden path or flowerbed. Outdoor lighting powered by the sun is the environmental friendly and cost efficient way to light up pathways and gardens and this edging is sure to raise many admiring comments.

Manufactured from black powder-coated steel tubular framing, this edging is strong, durable and weatherproof and should look good for years to come.

  • White LEDs
  • 2 x Solar light: 1.2V with 700MA battery

    Overall dimensions: W186 x D11 x H45cm
    Individual fence panel size: L61 x H28cm
    Colour: Black

    Please note: Greenfingers products arrive flat packed for easy home assembly.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Greenfingers Willow Hurdle Lawn Edging - Woven Design 45x100cm

    Rustic in appearance, Greenfingers Willow Hurdle Lawn Edging would look great positioned along pathways, borders or lawns. Made from natural willow, this lawn edging is built to be long lasting and durable.

    Overall dimensions: 100cm wide x 45cm high
    Height excluding spikes: 30cm

    Please note: as this is a natural product the colour may vary from the image shown. This may also mean that a different size of this fence may not match in colour.

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

    BUY NOW: £5.99

    Easy Install Lawn Plastic Lawn Edging 6m

    This Easy Install Plastic Lawn Edge is just the thing to give that final touch to your garden. Strong and flexible with a green finish, it is great for creating boundaries to gravel paths, or used as a barrier between your lawn and border.

    A key feature for creating a long-lasting finish to a garden, lawn or patio; edging is great for making sure everything has its own place and can really contribute to a cleaner, more impressive outdoor environment.

    It not only looks good when in place but will also protect the edges of your lawn to help preserve your outdoor area. A simple but effective product that will last you for years and comes at a great price.

    The interlocking strips are of semi-rigid plastic which can be tapped into the ground with a hammer and are considerably stronger and better than the commonly available corrugated items.


    • Pack of six
    • Single Piece Dimensions: L100 x W3 x H13cm
    • Weight of single piece: 350g
    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging 55cm

    Bosmere Flexi Edge Lawn Edging can be shaped to any curve and simply slots into place. It keeps your lawn edges neat and tidy without the need to trim them and it also holds gravel, soil and mulch in place. It is perfect for use along lawn edges and flower beds or around trees, bushes and fountains.

    Use an edge knife or spade to form a slot in the soil, place the flexi edge into the soil and simply tap into the ground with a rubber hammer.

  • Rot proof
  • Maintenance free
  • Will fit to any shape lawn

    Dimensions: L55 x H15cm

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Greenhurst Brick Effect Garden Border - 4 Pack

    This Greenhurst Brick Effect Garden Border is an easy to use and versatile way to edge your lawn, or create raised beds.

    This fantastic brick effect border is made from strong ABS material, which is long lived and durable. The beauty of this system is that you get the look of natural brick, without the hard work. Simply hammer into the ground, and the substantial spikes will hold it fast. Each panel locks into the next, giving you the option of creating straight, or curved structures.

    • Pack of 4 panels
    • Interlocking design
    • Simple to use
    • Long lasting

    Use these along a lawn edge to reduce the need for constant attention, or use together to create a raised bed, or vegetable patch.

    Panel Size:L43 x H17.5cm (without stakes)

    Stake Length:11.5cm

    A pack of 4 panels will create a border that is 172cm long.

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

    BUY NOW: £11.99

    Everedge Lawn Edge Ring - Brown 60cm

    These Everedge Garden Rings are great for providing a clean circle around those trees and shrubs in your lawn.

    This is a 2-piece set which makes a 60cm circle.

    Manufactured in the UK using the same tough, durable and attractive galvanised steel material used on the popular garden edgings, these rings help to separate different sections of your garden to keep it neat and tidy. The rings are strong yet also thin enough to be easily bent into shape. Made from Everedge Classic with a brown coated finish, the rings are assembled by securing two simple coach bolts at each overlap to achieve a clean and sharp circle to go around trees and shrubs.

    These garden rings will suit any style of garden ranging from trendy town to quiet country.

    Dimensions: H7.5cm x 60cm diameter

    This product can be connected to another one to make a larger ring.

    BUY NOW: £23.39

    Garden Fence Panel kit

    Create your own mini picket fence with this Garden Fence Panel Kit and create stunning boundaries between your lawn and flowerbeds, or vegetable patch.


    • Create eye-catching areas in your garden
    • Clip together feature for seamless edging
    • Made from durable polypropylene

    With this garden fencing you can create separate areas in your garden that can help to improve the looks of your garden, as well cutting down on garden maintenance.

    Dimensions: 4 x L60.5 x H33cm

    Contents: 4 pieces

    Weight of each panel: 120g

    BUY NOW: £3.99

    Fleur-de-lys Edging

    Smart edging does wonders for the front of a border or along a path or lawn and this classic fleur-de-lys pattern adds a touch of style to any garden. Made from durable resin.

    6 separate panels totalling 1.93m long.
    Height: 17cms
    13cm spike to put in the ground
    Colour: black

    Please note: This edging is very rigid and is for straight lines only. Also, the design only stands out fully on one side, the other side is flat.

    BUY NOW: £11.99

    Gardman Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging

    This easy-install lawn edging is made from galvanised steel metal, which is designed to be rust and strimmer proof.

    Corrugated for additional strength and flexibility, this edging will be ideal for edging paths, borders and to protect lawn edges from erosion or damage.

    Dimensions: 5m x 16.5cm high

    Please note: this edging can form right angles.

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.
    Requires Adobe Reader.

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    Gardman Easy Fence Lawn Edging 3m x 0.2m

    Create an attractive feature at lawn edges and borders with this Gardman Easy Fence set.

    Made from durable plastic coated wire, with a traditional hoop top design, this set consists of 8 panels that are self-supporting with spiked feet to make sure it has a secure fixing.

    • Durable PVC coated wire
    • Connecting sections
    • Can be extended using additional kits

    This Sturdy kit will really make a feature of areas of your garden, giving a neat and clearly defined shape and design that is pleasing to the eye.

    Dimensions: L300 x H20cm

    BUY NOW: £9.50

    Recycled Rubber Border Stone Rubber Edging

    Make your garden even more beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time the Border Stone Rubber Edging. This versatile edging is made from recycled materials and is perfect for defining beds and paths.

    • Made from recycled materials
    • Easy to install
    • Weather and UV resistant

    Create form and beauty in your garden with these eco-friendly recycled rubber edgings. Not only are they lightweight and easy to install but they are also very resistant to the weather and sun. The recycled rubber is very durable and scratch resistant and will not stain.

    These rubber edgings have been made from recycled rubber and have already saved millions of tyres from filling up landfills or rubbish tips. By using these instead of traditional edgings, you are helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and increase recycling.

    • L125 x H9cm

    Give your garden as edge with the EZ Border Stone Rubber Edging.

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Bamboo Edging 1m x 0.3m

    This natural coloured Bamboo Edging makes a decorative yet practical addition to your garden. It provides you with an attractive way to separate your borders from your lawn.

    Ideal for edging borders, beds, paths and drives, this bamboo edging will also retain raised flowerbeds. Best of all, it requires no fixings.

    Dimensions: L1m x H0.3m

    BUY NOW: £2.99

    Garden Log Mow Over Edging 2m

    Unusual and highly decorative, this superb, high quality Garden Mow Over Log Edging will really accentuate your landscape in style! Perfect for defining lawn edgings or flower beds, this attractive edging also looks wonderful along pathways.

    Smart lawn edging like this does wonders for the front of a border, or along a path or lawn, and you can be sure that this fabulous log design will look good wherever it is placed. You can install it in straight lines or curved lines as it is made from durable but flexible polypropylene, and has spiked feet for easy insertion.

    • Eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming
    • Reduces weed transfer

    Quantity: 15 pieces
    Single Piece Dimensions: W14 x D7 x H14cm
    Overall length: 2 metres
    Height above ground: 6cm
    Spike height: 8cm

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Woodland Border Edging

    Add the perfect finishing touch to your borders with this eye-catching Botanico Woodland Border Edge.

    This beautifully constructed edging is made from durable metal with an epoxy coating for longer life, and is complete with rustic leaf and bird details to give an elegant finish to lawn edgings and pathways, as well as accentuating landscaping.

    This border edging comes with spiked feet for easy installation, and has fixings at either side to allow you to add more edging sections as required

    • Metal construction
    • Epoxy coated

    Dimensions including spikes: W62 x H66cm

    Spikes: H15cm

    BUY NOW: £9.99

    Gardman Green Plastic Lawn Edging

    This easy-fit lawn edging is made from robust green plastic, which is corrugated for additional strength and flexibility. Rot proof and maintenance free, this edging can be used for edging paths, borders and to protect lawn edges from erosion or damage.

    Dimensions:9m x 16.5cm high

    Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

    BUY NOW: £7.99

    Gardman Durable Plastic Lawn Edging

    Strong and flexible in a green finish, this Gardman Durable Plastic Lawn Edging is ideal for retaining soil, stones, gravel and other surfacing used in gardens. Made from durable PVC material, this edging can also keep your lawn and flowerbeds neatly separated.

    • Eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming
    • Rot proof and maintenance free
    • Reduces weed transfer

    Dimensions: L910 x H9cm

    BUY NOW: £4.99
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