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A wide range of both practical and funky designs garden carts and pot trolleys ... all offered with Rapid UK Delivery
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Greenfingers Garden Trolley - Large

This Greenfingers Large Garden Trolley can be used for transporting plants, sacks of fertiliser, tools, garden waste, logs for the fire and anything else you can think of!

Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, the sides are hinged to drop for flexibility of use, or can be removed altogether to leave a flat bed trolley and the front wheels can swivel with the front handle.

  • Pneumatic tyres

    Please note that this model can not be attached to a car/tractor

    Dimensions of trolley: L107 x W52 x H27cm
    Overall height including wheels: 55cm high
    Trolley handle length: 87cm
    Weight: 22.5kg
    Load Capacity: 300kg

    BUY NOW: £89.99

    Greenfingers Convertible Hand Trolley - 80kg Capacity

    The Greenfingers Convertible Hand Trolley is a versatile product! It can be positioned horizontally like a flat bed, or alternatively, vertically to function like a sack truck trolley.

    With a steel construction it will carry up to 80kg of weight making it ideal for moving around compost, tools and other gardening essentials. This will save your back from strain and will make transporting much quicker. The sturdy handle makes manoeuvrability easy too.

    Overall dimensions: W43 x D34 x H116cm
    Actual flatbed dimensions: L62 x W43cm
    Horizontal height of handle from ground: 116cm
    Vertical height of handle from ground: 80cm
    Capacity: 80kg

    Click here for Assembly Instructions.

    BUY NOW: £21.99

    Greenfingers Extra Large Garden Trolley - 700lbs Capacity

    This Greenfingers Extra-Large Garden Trolley is perfect for carrying all your gardening essentials such as fertilisers, tools, garden waste and logs.

    With a massive 700lbs weight capacity, it making this trolley perfect for the keen gardener. Usefully the sides can drop down, or if you prefer, can be removed altogether to form a flatbed trolley. The front wheels also swivel with the handle.

    Made from strong steel it will endure and remain sturdy. It is also easily manoeuvrable with the long black handle, which has a comfortable rubber grip.

  • Pneumatic tyres

    Please note: this model cannot be attached to a car/tractor

    Overall dimensions (excluding handle length): L136 x W61.5 x H114cm
    Trolley: 122cm long
    Overall height including wheels: 68.5cm high
    Trolley handle length: 81cm
    Sides: 28cm high
    Wheels: 32.5cm diameter
    Load Capacity: 318.2kg (700lb)

    BUY NOW: £109.99

    Multi Purpose Sack Truck

    This Multi Purpose Sack Truck is a practical way of transporting heavy cargo in and around your outdoor area.

    It can be used both vertically and horizontally (as shown in the two images) and also features a facility for attaching bin bags, to make it a great accessory for when your tidying up your garden. Lightweight, the two main wheels at the bottom work to facilitate vertical use, while the small wheels higher up, allow for the truck to be used in a wheelbarrow like fashion.

    Made with a steel construction and easy to assemble, the trolley is great for transporting heavy equipment, plants and other gardening related bits and pieces. It can also come in handy for tidying up a shed or garage area and is ideal for work as well as domestic use.

    This truck/ trolley will save you from enduring any back strain and will make transportation and tidying an absolute doddle.

    Truck height: 80 97 cm (fully extended)
    Sack length: 50 cm
    Sack height: 60 cm
    Width: 30 cm

    Lifting capacity
    Horizontal: 60kg
    Vertical: 50kg

    Click here for Assembly Instructions.

    BUY NOW: £19.99

    Kingfisher 4 Wheel Tipping Action Garden Cart - 75Ltr

    This 4 Wheel Tipping Action Garden Cart is ideal for moving plants, garden waste or large bags of compost or fertiliser around. It has a steel frame and durable plastic tray for heavy duty tasks and the four pneumatic wheels have metal rims.

    Being front steering, with its folding, padded handle, this cart is easy to manoeuvre and unload making this 4 wheel cart perfect for any garden.

    • Tipping action makes unloading quick and easy
    • 75Ltr volume

    Dimensions: L110 x W51 x H49cm

    Load capacity: 120kg

    Weight: 15.6kg

    Please note: Some home assembly required.

    BUY NOW: £59.99

    Tri Truk

    This is by far the most versatile truck trolley we've ever seen. Made from strong steel tubing, it stands upright for easy storage, the handle extends for easy lifting, and it folds flat to create a truck.

    Its unique three-wheeled design allows the Tri Truk to climb up and down stairs with ease. This also makes it perfect for moving heavy or bulky items over uneven terrain.

    This heavy-duty, multi-function truck has six solid 13cm rubber wheels and two castor wheels and has a maximum loading capacity of 150kg.

    Overall size as trolley: W50 x D67 x H130cm
    Overall size as truck: W50 x D70 x H85cm Weight 16kg

    BUY NOW: £59.99

    Collapsible Hand Truck

    This Collapsible Hand Truck is hugely versatile and helps you shift heavy objects in and around your outdoor area.

    Manufactured with a lightweight aluminium frame and rubber grip handle, the sturdy toe plate opens and closes simultaneously with the wheel. When flat, the truck has a capacity of 50kg. The large wheels make for easy movement when loaded and the collapsible design permits easy storage.

    This is a super useful all round piece that allows you to transport larger plants, features and tools around your garden.

    Extended size: 38 x 39 x 98cm high
    Folded size: 5 x 39 x 68cm high
    Toe plate: 24 x 39cm
    Wheel diameter: 14cm.

    BUY NOW: £24.99

    Folding Garden Cart and Trolley

    This Folding Garden Cart and Trolley is a super useful accessory that can transport large items in and around your garden and go in the back of your car to store shopping.

    A generous size, the collapsible cart / trolley is lightweight and manufactured with a durable construction. Also featuring an extendable, rustproof aluminium handle, this is a fabulous all round piece that is well worth its money.

    Complete with rolling wheels for portability, the crate can fold flat when not in use for easy storage. With the capacity to be unfolded and set up in seconds, this is a great investment that has a whole number of useful possibilities.

    Open size
    38 x 36 x 33cm
    Closed sized: 38 x 36 x 8cm
    Loading capacity: 25kg.

    BUY NOW: £14.99

    Handy Standard Sack Truck

    The Handy Standard Sack Truck can be easily and comfortably manoeuvered around because it features a 'P' handle and pneumatic tyres.

    You will find this product easy to work with and when carrying heavy loads, this is undoubtedly what you want. Please see the specification below.

    • 25mm(1") Tubular Steel Frame
    • 250mm (10") Preumatic Wheels c/w roller bearings
    • Max capacity 200kg
    • Empty weight 12kg

    Height: 132cm (52")
    Width: 53cm (21")
    Carry plate: 34 x 28cm (13.5" x 11.25")

    BUY NOW: £32.99

    Greenfingers Easy Unloading Garden Trolley

    This four-wheeled Greenfingers Easy Unloading Garden Trolley is ideal for moving plants, garden waste or large bags of compost or fertiliser around. It has a steel frame and durable plastic tray for heavy duty tasks and the four pneumatic wheels have a steel rim. Easy to manoeuvre and unload makes this garden trolley perfect for any garden.
    • Balanced dumping feature makes unloading quick and easy
    • Maintenance free and easy to clean

    Overall dimensions: L109 x W51 x H97cm
    Bucket size: L93 x W51 x H21cm
    Load capacity: 200kg
    Volume: 65 Litres
    Weight: 15kg
    Recommended Tyre Pressure: 25PSI

    Please note: Greenfingers products arrive flat-packed for easy home assembly.

    BUY NOW: £79.98

    Handy Towed Trailer - 275kg

    This all steel Handy Towed Trailer is invaluable for many heavy lifting gardening tasks including landscaping. It is a versatile general purpose trailer with a tipping facility and it even includes a hitch pin.

  • Towable Tipper Trailer
  • 1m Working Width
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Can be tipped from tractor seat
  • 275kg capacity
  • Hitch Pin included

    Overall length: 108cm
    Trailer width: 33cm
    Trailer Internal dimensions: 96 x 76.5 x 30cm
    Please note that this comes flat packed for easy assembly

  • BUY NOW: £119.99

    Handy Folding Garden Trolley

    Perfect for moving garden items around, this Folding Garden Trolley is easy to store when folded. It quickly folds into a handy, sturdy carry bag, and fits comfortably into most car boots. It is ideal for moving plants, garden waste or large bags of compost or fertiliser. Manufactured with a sturdy steel frame and PVC green bag, it even has pockets at the front to pop in small garden hand tools or other items.

    Easy to manoeuvre and clean, this four-wheeled garden trolley comes fully assembled and ready for use.

  • Plants not included

    Overall: L89 x W54.5 x H62cm
    Folded: L75 x W58 x H20cm
    Wheels: 20cm diameter
    Weight: 16kg
    Load Capacity: 75kg

  • BUY NOW: £99.99

    Bullbarrow Garden Scoot Seat

    Make your gardening tasks so much easier with a Bullbarrow Scoot Seat trolley! This fabulous sturdy Scoot is a must-have for all avid gardeners. You simply pop your gardening hand tools in the tray below, sit down and literally scoot along your path from one plant or bush to the next.

    This is a great quality product that is well worth the investment for its durability alone, not to mention that you can now do your planting and weeding with great ease! Made from durable polypropylene with a black powder coated frame and mounted on four strong yet lightweight wheels, the Scoot has an easy sideways movement and the tray is also removable.

    • Load capacity 118kg

    Dimensions: W50 x D37 x H39cm
    Seat diameter: 26cm

    BUY NOW: £22.99

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