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Taylors Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff 3 x Tubers

The Bishop of Llandaff variety of Dahlia is an old favourite and one of the best known garden varieties for bedding and borders. With its dark bronze green foliage and vibrant vermilion semi-double blooms the Bishop of Llandaff is a great flower not to be missed in your garden.

A great flower for cuttings the ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ will grow to 90cm tall with a spread of 90cm. Pack of 3 tubers.
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Thompson & Morgan Dahlia Figaro Mixed

Amazing bloom power on beautiful little plants, Thompson & Morgan Dahlia Figaro Mixed are classic, dwarf bedding plants with dazzling double and semi-double flowers that create a blaze of summer colour. This mix is the best for landscaping due to its brilliantly coloured and abundant blooms that jostle one another for position above fresh green foliage, and contains really decorative types in a range of warm colours from shades of yellow, orange and red through to pink. 

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Spring Bulbs - Dahlia Bishops Collection 4 Tubers

Brighten up your borders or patio with this colourful Dahlia Bishops Collection that comprises Bishop of Canterbury, Bishop of Leicester, Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of York. Great border or bedding plants, they are also ideal for containers and make a great cut flower arrangement.

  • Bee friendly

Type: Hardy Perennial
Flowering period: All summer long

Collection comprises:
Bishop of Canterbury: a gorgeous combination of dark foliage and rich plum-magenta flowers
Bishop of Leicester: large, pale pink flowers with dark purple-bronze foliage
Bishop of Llandaff: fabulous scarlet flowers with dark aubergine-coloured, almost black, foliage
Bishop of York: great combination warm orange-yellow flowers with dark foliage

Plant from March onwards, 23-30cm apart in any well cultivated, garden soil with a good supply of organic material and in sunny sites away from strong winds. For early flowering, they may be started off in boxes in April; use a light soil mixed with compost. Keep slightly moist, cool and free from frost. When danger of frost has passed, plant out. If used as a cut flower, cut flowers only when completely developed.

Quantity: 4 Tubers

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Taylors Dahlia Pink Fusion Collection 4 x Tubers

In sumptuous pink tones, Taylors Dahlia Pink Fusion Collection comprises a wonderful mix of Deverill, Lennys Dream, Onesta and Gerrie Hoek to provide you with a vivid splash of late summer colour in your garden. Beautifully formed flower heads atop tall stems will add height and structure to the back of borders. Ideal for any style of garden, these gorgeous blooms are terrific for your flower beds, borders and patio containers. They also make excellent cut flowers.

Type: Half-hardy Tuber
Flowering Period: Jul-Sep
Height: 120cm
Spread: 60cm

Collection comprises:
Dahlia Deverill: gorgeous, pale pink blooms
Dahlia Lenny’s Dream: superb pink with a lilac edge
Dahlia Onesta: stunning mixture of deep pink to pale pink petals
Dahlia Gerrie Hoek: glowing peach-pink blooms

Plant the tubers at a depth of 15cm outdoors in April after all risk of frost has passed and water well. Choose a sunny position in moist well drained soil. Prepare the soil by digging in plenty of well rotted manure or compost. Alternatively, start tubers into growth in pots of compost in a frost free greenhouse. Transplant them into their final positions outdoors in June.

Feed and water dahlias regularly throughout the growing season. While plants are still young, pinch out the growing tip of each stem to encourage bushier growth and masses of flowers. As dahlias develop, the taller varieties will require staking with garden canes to support their stems. Deadhead faded dahlia flowers to encourage more blooms to be produced. With the first autumn frosts, remove tubers from their growing positions and trim away the old stems to 5cm above the tuber. Clean any remaining soil from the tubers and store them over winter in trays of peat or sand, in a cool but frost free position. The tubers can be planted the following spring for another fabulous display.

Quantity: 4 Tubers

BUY NOW: £5.99

Taylors Dahlia Rising Sun 1 Tuber

The Dahlia Rising Sun is a stunning and vivid plant that sports a delightful yellow shade and reflects all that is good about summer.

A cactus variety that originates from South America, the flower has a refreshing optimistic tone and features apricot tipped petals. A truly beautiful plant, if you elect to place it in your garden then why not add to the ambience with elegant water ornaments and fine wall art pieces. The Dahlia is a tall plant that would serve as a prominent base to locate your myriad of flowers around. Or, go all maverick and position it in your kitchen and invite nature indoors.

Type: Perennial
Flowering period: March
Height and spread: 100 cm
Ideal for: Borders, bedding, indoor, window basket
Preferred planting position: Sun or semi shade
Preferred soil type: Well-drained

Pack of 1

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Taylors Dahlia Lolo Love 1 Tuber

The Dahlia Lolo Love is just as lovely as it sounds.

A stunning yellow flower of the peaony variety that has a fine red edge, this is a splendid plant that represents everything that we enjoy about the summer months. Bee friendly, the Dahlia's roots can be tracked to South America and this particular genus has clear aesthetic characteristics. A splendid cut flower, why not go against the grain and invite nature indoors by placing this stunning flower in your kitchen or conservatory area.

Type: Perennial
Flowering period: March onwards
Height and spread: 50 cm with a 30 cm planting distance
Ideal for: Borders, cut flowers, containers on the patio or balcony
Preferred planting position: Sun or semi-shade
Preferred soil type: Well-drained

Pack of 1

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Spring Bulbs - Dahlia - Garden Wonder

Beautifully decorative, Dahlia Garden Wonder adds a vivid splash of colour to your garden just as other flowers are fading. Gorgeous scarlet, double blooms on strong and sturdy stems that make a spectacular display from mid-summer to mid-autumn and make fabulous cut flowers too.

Type: Half Hardy Perennial
Flowering period: July onwards
Height: 65cm

Quantity: 1

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