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Gardman Perma Tunnel with PVC Cover

Give young plants and seedlings a head start during the growing season with this Gardman Perma Tunnel with PVC Cover.

This durable powder coated steel frame will with stand the rigours of many growing seasons, and is covered by a hard wearing, clear, PVC cover. This will protect your young plants from pests and inclement weather conditions, and will also allow them to benefit from increased temperatures, providing you with strong healthy plants.

  • Strong push fit frame
  • No tools required
  • Zip fastening openings

This handy tunnel comes with a zip opening to allow you to tend to your plants, and also regulate the temperature, making sure that things do not get too hot. Why not try something a little bit more exotic with this Perma tunnel, which makes rearing young plants much easier?

Dimensions: L200 x D60 x H43cm

BUY NOW: £19.99

Kingfisher Transparent PE Grow Tunnel

Made from extremely light weight polythene plastic, the Kingfisher Transparent PE Grow Tunnel is one of the most cost-effective mini garden tunnel options. Small enough to fit in virtually any garden, but large enough to protect plenty of plants, this is a way to create individual microclimates for each row of your garden.

  • Lightweight polythene cover that is only 90 microns thick
  • Create microclimates for each row of plants
  • Comes with 12 study pegs to secure your tunnel
  • No tools required to set up

Thanks to the Kingfisher Transparent PE Grow Tunnel you can transform your garden into a growing tunnel in mere minutes thanks its lightweight design and easy set up. The Kingfisher Transparent PE Grow Tunnelís transparent covering material allows you to keep a close eye on all your plants as they benefit and thrive in their own microclimates.

This mini tunnel also helps to protect your delicate plants and veg from pets and pests, while helping to create a more beneficial growing environment so that your plants will not only grow better, but you will enjoy a better yield at the end of the growing season.

The lightweight nature of this tunnel makes it ideal for moving from row to row throughout the season, protecting plants that are busying yielding, sheltering freshly planted seedlings, or just warming the soil before you begin to plant.

  • L300 x W45 xH45cm
  • 12 pegs each 12cms long

Enjoy the benefits of your very own inexpensive garden tunnel thanks to the Kingfisher Transparent PE Grow Tunnel!

BUY NOW: £6.99

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