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Mrs Bridges Christmas Selection in Jute Bag

Mrs Bridges Christmas Selection is a must-have for the festive season! Perfect for a gift or a special treat, the selection comprises Christmas Chutney, Christmas Preserve and Christmas Marmalade presented in a red Jute Bag with carry handles and packaged with a vintage feel. It comes in elegantly shaped jars, capped with traditional jam-pot covers and has been cooked using classic, time-honoured methods of slow boiling, open-pan cooking in traditional copper bottom pans.

A unique and deluxe brand, Mrs Bridges’ products are all manufactured with no additives, preserving tradition and, more importantly, rich flavour. With the best of Scottish soft fruits, Mrs Bridges’ recipes use only the highest quality crops to produce a notably superior taste.

Excellence is a tradition and over the past few years Mrs Bridges’ products have won 50 Great Taste Awards. These are a benchmark for fine foods. All entries must undergo rigorous tests by a specially selected independent panel of experts including leading chefs, buyers and critics.

Christmas Marmalade is flavoured with cranberries and warming mixed spice
Christmas Preserve is flavoured with a variety of berries with mulled wine
Christmas Chutney is a fruity flavoured chutney with a hint of spice

Christmas Marmalade 113g: Sugar, Oranges (28%), Cranberries (6%), Lemon Juice (from concentrate), Ginger (1%), Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin), Mixed Spices, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid. Prepared with 35g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 65g per 100g
Christmas Preserve 113g: Sugar, Strawberries (24%), Blackcurrants (9%), Raspberries (9%), Redcurrants (3%), Red Wine (3%), Lemon Juice (from concentrate), Mixed Spice,Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid. Prepared with 45g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 65g per 100g
Christmas Chutney 100g: Brown Sugar, Apples (25%), Apricots (16%), Red Wine Vinegar, Onion, Dates (5%), Raisins (2%), Sultanas (2%), Ginger, Spices, Salt. May contain traces of mustard and sulphites.

Bag dimensions: approx. L70 x W12.5 x H21.5cm

BUY NOW: £2.47

FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer

This FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer can be used in conjunction with all citrus fruit.

Useful for squeezing oranges, lemons and limes perfect for juices and cooking, this is a splendid accessory, just the thing for any juice enthusiast.

Made out of FSC beech timber.

Measures approximately 15cm.

BUY NOW: £2.61

Wooden Vegetable Brush

This Wooden Vegetable Brush is strong and sturdy and ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Featuring both hard and soft bristles as well as a hard grip handle, it’s just the thing for brushing down your own produce in preparation for cooking.

A worthwhile investment that can make delicious vegetables taste that wee bit more yummy.

Measures approximately 13.5 x 5 x 4cm.

BUY NOW: £5.99

Instant-Fit Water Conditioner

The Instant-Fit Water Conditioner is quick and easy to install, fits all standard UK pipes. Passing your mains water supply through a magnetic field helps inhibit limescale in plumbing, central heating and appliances. This compact conditioner does the job,with no running costs, clamping instantly around any 14-22mm inlet pipe (approx 1/4"-1/2"). This can bring many benefits, especially if you live in a hard water area. For instance, you may notice a reduction in fuel bills, extend the life of appliances, need less detergent for washing and see less 'spotting' and water marks on your shower screen. It also retains the healthy natural minerals in drinking water that water softeners eradicate. 1 3/4" square.
BUY NOW: £13.99

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