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Thompson & Morgan Perennial Pack A & B T&Ms Choice 72 Plugs

Add glorious colour to your beds and borders with this bumper bargain collection of herbaceous perennials - Thompson & Morgan Perennial Pack A & B T&Ms Choice . These fabulous flowers bloom year after year to add a vivid display of colour to your garden and many can also be cut and brought into the house for beautiful flower arrangements.. They are ideal for your patio containers, cottage gardens, wildlife gardens or cut flower gardens.

Type: Hardy Perennials
Flowering Period: May-Sep
Height: up to 1.5m
Spread: up to 75cm

Collection comprises:
Aquilegia Swan Mixed : an abundance of large flowers on upright, multi-branched stems
Geum Blazing Sunset : fully double, large scarlet blooms are borne over a long period in summer
Carnation Ever-blooming Mixed: richly fragrant blooms that are ideal for cutting
Lavender Munstead: neat, compact variety of English lavender bearing masses of dark purple-blue flower spikes
Delphinium Pacific Giants: excellent for adding structure and presence to the back of borders
Leucanthemum x superbum White Knight: pure white single flowers are produced in constant supply throughout summer
Armeria Mixed: long flowering plants with unusual ball shaped flower heads on thin wiry stems
Digitalis Dalmation Mixed: well branched, compact, dwarf plants
Echinacea Primadonna: beautiful pink daisy flowers with petals that radiate outwards instead of downwards
Coreopsis Presto: neat, compact plants are smothered in golden-yellow, semi-double flowers all summer long
Verbena Bonariensis: tightly clustered florets form glowing lavender flower heads that float atop stiffly upright, branching stems
Scabiosa Blue Jeans: blue pincushion flowers attract bees and butterflies throughout summer

Pot up plants and grow them on in frost free conditions until all risk of frost has passed. When plants are well grown, gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days before transplanting into borders and containers.

In autumn, cut back the old foliage to ground level and apply a mulch of well rotted manure or garden compost to the base of the plants. Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of perennials in autumn to maintain their vigour.

Quantity: 72 Plug Plants (6 of each type)

BUY NOW: £19.98

Thompson & Morgan Lisianthus Summer Blue Roses 12 Plugs

Bathe your garden borders and patio containers in a sea of vibrant lilac-blue with Thompson & Morgan Lisianthus Summer Blue Roses. Lisianthus flowers are much sought after by florists, for their long, slender stems and delicate rose-like blooms. These stunning flowers resemble nothing less than roses, but no rose has ever been so easy to grow, nor so long-lasting as a cut flower. 

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan Meconopsis Blue Poppy

Once seen – never forgotten! A definite must-have to brighten a difficult, dampy and shady corner, Thompson & Morgan Meconopsis Blue Poppy definitely has the wow factor with its indescribably blue blooms!  Tall stems of fragile, sky-blue poppies emerge from rosettes of leaves from late spring to early summer from these stunning Himalayan Blue Poppies.

From £12.99
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Thompson & Morgan Lavatera Barnsley Baby

Absolutely perfect for small gardens and patio containers, Thompson & Morgan Lavatera Barnsley Baby has a well branched habit with racemes of saucer-shaped, soft pink blooms. It makes a stunning focal point wherever you place it and will certainly draw many compliments, as well as bees and butterflies!  

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan Petunia Trailing Surfinia Mixed

With super-long trailing stems and a fabulous, vivid colour range, Thompson & Morgan Trailing Surfinia Mixed is ideal for creating a cascade of colour from hanging baskets, flower pouches and patio containers. For a less formal display, let these vigorous trailing petunias tumble over walls in a wave of trumpet shaped blooms.

From £6.99
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Thompson and Morgan Fuchsia Pink Fizz 3 Postiplugs & Tower Pot

Create an amazing pillar of colour on your patio with fabulous, unique, climbing Thompson & Morgan Fuchsia Pink Fizz that comes with a Tower Pot Kit! Train the long stems onto the tower pot to enjoy a showy, free-flowering display of fuchsia with their dangly pink blooms as they reach towards the sky. This is the best climbing fuchsia that you will ever grow! They flower along the entire length of the stems and not just the tips and are perfect for creating a spectacular focal point, particularly in smaller gardens where space is at a premium.

  • Thompson & Morgan Exclusive

Type: Hardy Shrub
Flowering Period: Jun-Sep
Height: 1.5m
Spread: 90cm

Perfect for training climbing plants, the Thompson & Morgan Tower Pot Kit is a supportive lattice frame that you place over the plant pot to create a spectacular display on your patio or balcony. Manufactured from durable polypropylene, this sturdy frame is ideal for all types of climbing plants including petunias, geraniums and sweet peas. You simply guide the stems onto the Tower Pot frame and secure with soft twine.

Tower Kit includes:
1 x 38cm diameter Pot
1 x Pot Saucer
1 x 2-Part Frame

Pot up Fuchsia Pink Fizz using well drained compost and grow on in warm, frost-free conditions. Pinch out the growing tips while fuchsia plants are still small to promote bushier growth and more flowers. When plants are well grown and all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over a 7 to 10 day period, before planting them in their final positions in patio containers and sunny or semi shaded borders. Choose a site where they are protected from cold winds over winter. Provide a sturdy support, such as a plant climbing frame or trellis, to support the long stems of climbing fuchsias as they grow.

Feed and water regularly throughout the growing season. Deadhead faded fuchsia flowers to encourage more blooms to be produced, and tie the stems to their supports with twine or soft plant ties. Apply a deep bark mulch around the base of hardy fuchsias in autumn to protect the roots from winter cold. Prune out the oldest stems in spring when the fresh buds begin to break, and reduce the remaining stems to restrict their vigorous growth to the available space.

Quantity: 3 Postiplugs + 1 Tower Pot Kit
Total height of pot and frame: 1.3m

BUY NOW: £29.99

Thompson & Morgan Petunia Frills and Spills Mixed

You will love the fragrant, double blooms of the spectacular Thompson & Morgan Petunia Frills & Spills!  These outstanding trailing petunias were bred in the British climate for the British climate, so their resilient flowers are completely weather tolerant. The ruffled flowers are larger than other double trailing types so they look fantastic tumbling from baskets, window boxes or patio containers.  

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan Lewisia Elise Mixed 24 Plugs

Thompson & Morgan Lewisia Elise Mixed produce masses of starry flowers in a range of fruity colours, including stripes and picotees, that adorn slender stems above neat rosettes of fleshy leaves. Traditionally grown as perennials in alpine houses, new breeding has brought Lewisia Elise Mixed which flowers in its first year, making it a bright and attractive annual bedding plant! These exceptional plants repeat flower throughout summer, lighting up your flower beds, borders, containers and rock gardens.

From £16.98
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Thompson & Morgan Gaura Sparkle White

A stunning border plant, Thompson & Morgan Gaura Sparkle White produces graceful slender stems that are topped with a flurry of dazzling white, starry blooms that still look fresh and airy at the end of summer. This bushy, clump forming variety has a neat, compact habit that makes it perfect for the front of sunny borders or edging paths as a mini hedge.  Once established, this superb plant even copes well during periods of drought.

From £12.99
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Thompson & Morgan Centaurea The Bride

A really lovely plant for any type of garden, Thompson and Morgan Centaurea The Bride produces giant, sweetly scented blooms in purest white. This charming white Cornflower makes a stunning impact in grassy meadows or summer gardens with its tall wiry stems and ruffled blooms. It is ideal for filling gaps in your borders and its nectar rich blooms attract bees and butterflies. 

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan GeRainbow Mixed

Thompson & Morgan GeRainbow Mixed are trailing geraniums that look incredible spilling from window boxes and hanging baskets. This mix provides several striking colours along with a balance of restful shades. Plant them where they can gently tumble and trail and they will reward you with the most dramatic summer-long display.

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan Antirrhinum Madame Butterfly

Create a riot of colour in your garden with these unique, double Thompson & Morgan Antirrhinum Madame Butterfly flowers.  Strong growing and vigorous, these beautiful, frilly snapdragons bear strong stems closely set with large, fully double blooms in a range of fabulous bright colours throughout summer.  These unusual flowers look more like azaleas and last far longer than single-flower varieties giving you long-lasting displays for your cottage gardens beds, borders and patio containers. 

From £8.99
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Spring Bulbs - Begonia Odorata Red Glory 2 Pack

Showcasing a tremendous shade of red, this alluring Begonia Odorata Red Glory is a magnificent choice if you are looking to invest in some new floral dcor ahead of spring and summer.

A wonderfully fragrant trailing plant, Red Glory can be used in a hanging basket (as shown in the image) and located in and around entrances and doorways. A marvellous choice for a splash of vivid colour on patios or near walls and fences.

Flowering height: 18cm
Bulb size: 5/6cm
Planting depth: Surface
Planting distance:5cm
Planting time: April onwards

BUY NOW: £3.99

Thompson & Morgan Laurentia Indigo Stars

Perfect for long lasting colour, Thompson & Morgan Laurentia Indigo Stars feature a constellation of starry indigo blooms sits above the airy linear foliage. A neat and compact variety, Isotoma are gently scented and flower over a particularly long period. They are ideal for filling your patio containers or flower beds, rockeries and borders and are resilient and versatile, even coping well in dry conditions. 

From £11.99
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Thompson & Morgan Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Mixed

Unusual and colourful, Thompson & Morgan Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Mixed is a vibrant mix to add a dazzling display to your beds and borders.  This Coneflower has a free flowering habit that makes it ideal as a bedding plant and it is also perfect for growing in wildlife gardens or coastal positions.  With rich shades of tomato red, near-fluorescent orange, magenta, golden yellow and pink, these fabulous flowers create a high colour impact in your garden.  

From £10.99
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Thompson & Morgan Begonia Apricot Shades Patio

Fabulous large, double blooms in sunshine shades of apricot and lemon are produced by Thompson & Morgan Begonia Patio Apricot Shades. A fantastic flower for hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and flower pouches creating an impressive display that will brighten up even a shady corner.  This specially selected patio variety has a more upright habit making it better suited to patio containers with extra large double flowers that keep on blooming in radiant colours whatever the weather.

From £9.99
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Thompson & Morgan Begonia Glowing Embers

With dark purple-bronze foliage, Thompson & Morgan Begonia Glowing Embers produces fiery, almost luminous orange blooms for an enduring display that positively smoulders all summer long. This dramatic begonia has a compact, semi-cascading habit that looks spectacular spilling from baskets and containers. It creates a fabulous blaze of colour that will even brighten up those tricky shady corners of the patio. 

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Thompson & Morgan Geranium Best Red F1

These beautiful, bright scarlet flowers, Thompson & Morgan Geranium Best Red F1, make a dramatic statement in your garden.  The uniform, well-branched plants become smothered in large, shapely flowers that retain their form, without shattering as they fade. A spectacular focal point for your patio or summer bedding scheme, Pelargoniums bloom for months whilst remaining compact and neat. 

From £14.99
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Thompson & Morgan Mimulus Magic Rainbow Mixed

Ideal to add a bright splash of summer colourThompson & Morgan Mimulus Magic Rainbow Mixed produce masses of tubular blooms that resemble wide, exotic snapdragon flowers. Although tender perennials, these  low growing, bushy Monkey Flowers  are best treated as an annual for beds, containers and baskets, except in the mildest parts of the country. They are a lavish mixture of highly exotic looking, speckled and spotted flowers that come in richly coloured shades and patterns to provide your garden with a truly eye-catching display. 

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Thompson & Morgan Osteospermum Collection

Add vibrant summer colour to your garden with the Thompson & Morgan Osteospermum Collection which comprises Jucundum Compacta, Snow Pixie and Tresco Purple. A spectacular selection that is perfect for low maintenance gardens, ground cover, rockeries or patio containers, it will thrive in hot, dry and neglected conditions whilst remaining one of the longest-flowering collections in your garden! 

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