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Plant Finder
The Greenfingers plant finder contains 1000s of profiles covering what a plant looks like; how and where it grows and how best to look after it. You can also find out where to buy them, either from us or one of hundreds of specialist nurseries around the UK. There are several ways to find information in this powerful database...
Plant Finder
Name Finder
Want to find out about a plant you know the name of? Just type its Latin or common name (or any part of it) here.
Easy Finder
This simple to use, step-by-step tool lets anyone, whatever their gardening knowledge, find a plant they may have seen or which matches their requirements. Its uses no complicated names or terminology. All you need do is describe a desired plant or recall a few things about a plant you've seen. For instance, "I've seen a plant that's a foot and a half high, with cup-shaped yellow flowers and shiny dark, leaves."

Answering just four or five of the questions in the sections that follow should allow George to put together a reasonable number of possibilities. Start by telling us here some basics, so we only ask you what's relevant.

Which of these do you know something about?
General appearance, ie shape/height?
Its flowers?
Its leaves or foliage?
Its fruit or vegetable?
Advanced Finder
This sophisticated search tool provides access many more plant attributes in the database than does Easy Finder. You can use it for the same purposes as Easy Finder but you may need to understand a little gardening terminology.

You can also use this tool to discover whether a plant, found this way or using Easy Finder, can grow in particular conditions within your garden. For instance, "I want a plant that will grow in a shady border, in sandy soil that's resistant to slugs"


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