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Duchy Originals Organic Seeds-Butternut Squash
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Duchy Originals Organic Seeds-Butternut Squash

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HRH Prince of Wales created Duchy Originals in 1990 due to his belief in the clear advantages of organic farming; the production of natural and healthy foods and sound agriculture, which helps to regenerate and protect the countryside and wildlife.
Butternut Squash Waltham is an attractive tan colour with sweet, creamy yellow flesh and is delicious roasted with garlic and fresh thyme.

Sow Mid April to June, 25mm deep in pots or trays of moist seed compost and germinate at 20C for up to 7 days, sow seeds on edge for reliable germination. Alternatively sow outdoors in rich soil in full sun from mid May through June, 25mm deep at 120cm spacing. Pot individual seedlings into small pots of compost, kept barely moist to prevent stems from rotting, and protect from strong sunlight with a sheet of newspaper. Plant out at 120cm between plants each way once any frost risk has passed, then water and mulch regularly. Harvest June to frosts and regularly for heaviest crops and to extend the season. Harvest all fruits before heavy frost they can be stored indoors at 10C for several months if desired.

Length up to 30cm
8 seeds per packet.
Instructions included

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