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Growing Success Organic Potato Fertiliser - 1kg Bag
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Growing Success Organic Potato Fertiliser - 1kg Bag

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Growing Success Organic Fertiliser is a natural fertiliser specifically formulated for growing a fresher, fuller and tastier crop of potatoes. This fertiliser can be used for fertilising potatoes either planted in the ground or grown in containers.

Recommended Uses:
First early, second early and main crop potatoes; use as a base fertiliser to improve foliage and cropping. This can be added during the growing process to maintain plant health.

Feeding Recommendations:
Vegetable borders: 135g/m2
Containers: add to compost at a rate of 10g/litre

Size: 1kg
Volume Made: 75-110L
Nutrients: NPK 3 -5 - 7
Children and pets neednít be excluded from treaded areas.

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