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Burgon and Ball Stainless Shrub Rake
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Burgon and Ball Stainless Shrub Rake

Remove leaves and debris from all the hard to reach areas. Make sure creepy crawlies and sluggish slugs and snails canít hide ready to pounce on your prize roses.

The beauty of this lovely stainless shrub rake is that it has flat finger like tines, which gather up the leaves rather than stab at them which can keep the leaves undamaged and the wee beasties safe and sound.

Features of this fabulous stainless shrub rake include a handy and attractive leather hanging thong, a substainably sourced hardwood handle which over time will mould to your hand adding extra comfort, a long angled neck which allows for more ergonomic working and the tool part is made from stainless steel which allows the rake to glide through the soil. Size 13x40cm in length. The substainably sourced wood handle is made from rubber wood from spent trees which have ceased to produce rubber sap.

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Customer Reviews:
posted on 30/03/2011 by O J
I find this pretty useless as a rake. The tines are so flat that it doesn't grab at anything. Well made, but that doesn't help

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