Pink Hyacinths - Bulbs In Traditional Basket
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Pink Hyacinths - Bulbs In Traditional Basket

The striking colour and wonderful scent of these indoor hyacinths certainly adds to the decorative setting Christmas brings.
With the ground outside frozen and a cold chill to the air, the simple pleasure of a basket of fragrant hyacinths really is something to enjoy.

Inside this pretty 16cm hand-woven basket are five Pink Pearl Hyacinth bulbs; they have been specially coaxed to flower throughout Christmas and into the New Year. In no time, their compact stems will be a frenzy of pink, filling your room with their gorgeous fragrance.

Simple yet stylish this basket of hyacinth bulbs is guaranteed to give you results! Planted in the basket, top-dressed with green carpet moss, these hyacinths will flower approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt and can be grown outdoors after flowering.

5 bulbs, size 16/17
Flowering Period: 2-3 weeks after receipt

The bulbs are held in refrigerated storage for the exact length of time to ensure perfect, compact stems that don't need staking.

Harmful if eaten, bulbs is skin irritant.

Care Instructions

This is supplied with the shoots just visible through the green carpet moss. Any discolouration as a result of being contained inside a dark box during transit will disappear within a few days.

  • For the first 7-10 days, keep your arrangement in a cool room. Should the bulbs to stretch and become leggy due to warmth, support the plants with twigs and string.

  • Once the buds start to open, move the arrangement into a warmer room.

  • Water regularly but sparingly.

  • Generally the cooler the temperature the longer the flowering period.
  • After Flowering

  • After flowering do not cut the foliage.

  • Remove the bulbs and compost as a cluster from your re-usable container and plant into the garden or pot.

  • Dig a hole deep enough to cover a quarter of the foliage above the bulbs.

  • Carefully replace the soil around the bulbs and foliage.

  • Do not remove the foliage until it is quite yellow as this allows the goodness to go back into the bulbs.

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