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Superlite Stream Boot
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Superlite Stream Boot

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For lovers of the great outdoors, this full length Superlite Stream boot is just what you need! The protective shell and Trail-Grip™ all-terrain outsole makes this boot ideal when out fishing, shooting, camping and for all off-road activities.


  • The M.I-Shell™: The one-piece outer M.I-Shell™ is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which is a waterproof, self-insulating and highly durable polymer. 6mm thick around and under the foot, the shell forms a soft splint, supporting and protecting the foot. Over a few weeks, you will notice the material moulding itself to your foot, giving you a custom fit!
    The shell is both waterproof and insulating, providing a comfort range of –20C to 29C. Very durable, the M.I-Shell™ can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Trail-Grip™ outsole: the 5mmlug; flex tread; and mulit-surface texture apply traction and grip on hard, soft, wet and dry ground.
  • Air-Tunnel 360º™: The inside of the M.I–Shell™ in crisscrossed with small tunnels that go 360º around the foot and leg, allowing air to circulate and actively drawing cool air into the boot when walking.
  • Air-Liner™: The boot is lined with 3-dimensional fabric that traps body heat close to the foot but draws moisture away and allows air to pass through, constantly refreshing and comforting your feet.
  • Visible Hexacore™ Gaitplate: This runs the full length down the sole of the boot and works with the foot’s natural action to support you and reduce fatigue throughout the day.
    On the move Hexacore cushions the foot to reduce joint pressure and protects from uneven ground. As your toes push of the ground, the Hexacore actually returns some of the energy absorbed by the heels impact - literally putting a spring back in your step!
  • Kick-spur: for easy hands free removal

  • 100% waterproof, insulating one-piece shell

  • Anatomically shaped heel, arch support and toe box
  • Sizes: 5 – 9
    Colour: Moss and Orange

    These Superlite Stream Boots are available in sizes 5 – 9; please choose below

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