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TubTrug 14 Litre
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TubTrug 14 Litre

Hugely versatile, Tubtrugs have an infinite number of uses. Use yours to mix, collect, scoop, store, carry and much more.

Being light, strong and flexible makes them easy to use, and with super strong handles, this product is long lasting.

  • Available in several bright colours, which won't degrade in sunlight or frost.

    Tubtrugs® are fantastic for many heavy duty jobs and used by landscape gardeners, builders, plasterers, mechanics and fishermen the world over.

    Two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling much easier than any bucket or tub.

    Capacity: 14 litre

    Please choose colour from pistachio, sky blue, yellow, green, red, orange or pink below:

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    Unfortunately, this item is not currently available.

  • Customer Reviews:
    cheap & cheerful posted on 14/05/2009 by kedi
    A great alternative to expensive containers as a planter.The colours help to brighten our normally grey Scottish outdoor outlook.

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