Chapelwood Finest Blend Wild Bird Food 12.75kg
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Chapelwood Finest Blend Wild Bird Food 12.75kg

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Perfect for all year round feeding and attracting the widest variety of garden visiting bird, this Chapelwood Finest Blend Wild Bird Food contains a broader and more balanced selection for your feathered visitors. A premium quality bird food that contains no filler ingredients, which means that there is less mess and waste in your garden.

Birds learn to rely on a food source and if the source dries up they will quickly move on - a great reason to make sure your seed feeder is always filled up to keep them returning.

  • Wild Bird Life Approved

    Capacity: 12.75kg

    With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime - donít disappoint them, they will depend on you!

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