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HotBin Composter: Reviews

HotBin Composter

Enjoy rich compost all year round with this brilliant, environmentally friendly HotBin Composter.

It can handle virtually all UK domestic food and garden waste and is the size of a wheelie bin. Manufactured from expanded polypropylene making it 100% recyclable, it is a 200 litre hot, aerobic composting bin that can easily achieve a temperature of 60°C which makes it 32 times faster than traditional composting bins and safer to recycle more food types. Most homes only compost vegetable peelings and tea bags. Items like plate scrapings, cooked food, rice, pasta, leftover bread, cakes etc are not recycled as they can attract vermin, generate a smell or create a yucky mess. The HotBin composts all food waste including meat and fish and the clever design ensures there are no odours, flies or rats to worry about.

This is the really smart way to compost more food and garden waste as, quite simply, you can put more in your HotBin and you are guaranteed fantastically rich compost quickly. For best results wait for 30 days for ‘mulching’ compost and 90 days for ‘mature’ compost. When composting food waste, the HotBin uses a ‘bulking agent’ (composted wood chip) to help maintain the airflow. Your bin comes with a bag to get you started and you can make your own by ‘chipping’ garden branches. If you follow the step by step set up guide you should get your HotBin to 60°C within 48 hours.

Remember: when it gets going it is hot and it will only stay hot with regular feeding.

Your HotBin comes assembled and ready to use and features:

  • Internal thermometer for tracking exact temperature in top layer of waste
  • Airtight lid to reduce smells and unwanted visitors
  • Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
  • Bio filter unit to stop any unfriendly smells
  • Insulated walls to keep it hot to help rapid composting
  • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
  • Easy to remove hatch door panel to take out mature compost
  • 40 litre bag of bulking agent (composted wood chip)
  • Extra thermometer for tracking temperature at different locations
  • Raking stick
  • Winter kick start heater
  • How to use guide
  • 3 year guarantee

Outer: 55 x 62.5 x 114.5cm high
Inner: 45 x 45 x 98cm high
Internal Capacity: Approx. 200 litre
Weight empty: 8kg
Weight when full: 100kg (beyond safe lifting limit)
Colour: Black

Click here for the HotBin guide.
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Hotbin Great piece of kit
posted on 16/09/2016 23:58:04 by Vic Jones

A great piece of kit, I didn't have much confidence that it would heat up the way it was claimed, but it has . I have always been a great believer in making my own compost and I feel that the Hotbin composter is the answer. Very pleased with the product and the company.

expensive but worth it
posted on 24/10/2013 08:58:32 by jonmac

Very expensive product for an expanded polystyrene box but works wonderfully well just as described in the promotional blurb so i reckon it is worth it.

posted on 19/07/2012 21:40:32 by Mark A.

I'm happy with it. It does get through a lot of my garden and kitchen scraps and I haven't had any problems with smell or vermin.

works so far
posted on 22/06/2012 18:45:01 by ikkedus

We had no problems to get the bin started. It only took two days to heat up. So far we keep on filling it up, the level keeps going down fast and the temperature remains high. It is too early to give long-term feedback, but it is very promising. It takes up little space and eats huge amounts of green with just a bit of bulk (or dried stems, cardboard pieces etc.).


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