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Itís well worth looking after your Christmas tree during its brief visit to your home. Weíve got some simple advice for keeping it looking good

As the Christmas countdown continues, living rooms across the country are being brightened up by the addition of spiky green spruces, their branches decked with all manner of decorations. That moment when the last baubleís been hung and the fairy lights are switched on is when Christmas really enters the home.

Despite being only a temporary visitor to your home, itís well worth looking after your tree to ensure that it doesnít drop its needles before the festivities are over. The main thing to remember is that, like cut flowers, it will need plenty of water to prevent it from drying out. Try to leave the tree outdoors for as long as possible: after all, thatís the climate itís used to. Before you bring it inside, cut about 2 cm off the stump. Then place it either in a stand that is fitted with a water container, or in a pot that is wedged with newspaper or filled with stones. Whatever you do, donít stand your Christmas tree in soil: itíll go mouldy.

Think carefully about where youíre going to position your tree. Whilst itís important that it looks good, it should also be kept well away from sources of heat, like radiators or open fires. Once itís in place, make sure you water the base daily.

Happy Christmas!

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