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The holidays are here, and with them comes a vast stretch of time to eat, drink, and be merry… but if you get tired of that, how about whiling away a few hours with our light-hearted quiz? Test the limits of your horticultural knowledge, and if you give up… the answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. Which Flower Show was held under a new marquee this year?

2. What garden feature has sparked so many neighbourly disputes that the Government has got involved?

3. Who opened the National Botanic Gardens of Wales on 24th May?

4. The French celebrated which national holiday with a 375-mile picnic in July?

5. What are scientists developing that will be a delight to all lazy gardeners?

6. How is the Severn Trent water authority attracting wild voles and mice back to an area near Nottingham?

7. Escape to Eden is an exhibition currently on view at the National Portrait Gallery. Who is it celebrating?

8. Which vegetable was strictly off the menu for the Queen’s visit to Italy in October?

9. Who wrote the classic children’s book, The Secret Garden?

10. Which season is described by Keats as one of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’?

11. Which tree is Coleridge describing in these lines? ‘I watch’d / Some broad and sunny leaf, and lov’d to see / The shadow of the leaf and stem above / Dappling its sunshine!’

12. Which season is like ‘a perhaps hand’ and is ‘mud-luscious’ in e. e. cummings poems?

13. Who compared his love to a ‘red, red rose’?

14. Who wrote A Child’s Garden of Verses?

15. Which flower ‘countest the steps of the sun’ in a poem by William Blake?

16. The author of Age of Innocence and House of Mirth also wrote Italian Villas and their Gardens. What was her name?

17. In which film does Peter Sellers play a simple-minded gardener?

18. Which garden was the backdrop for the British arthouse film The Draughtsman’s Contract?

19. Andy McDowell plays a horticulturalist who falls in love with Gerard Depardieu in which film?

20. Complete the following film titles (the missing words are all loosely related to gardening):
Singin’ in the ……
The …… of My Secret
How …… was My Valley?
A ……’s Life
Gone with the ……
Purple …… of Cairo

21. In a famous anonymous portrait of Charles II, the king is being presented with which exotic fruit by his gardener, John Rose?

22. Which gardener’s boots are the subject of a painting by Sir William Nicholson, which is in the collection of the Tate Gallery?

23. The flower paintings of amateur artist Marianne North are on permanent display in which botanic gardens?

24. Which northern renaissance artist painted a beautifully detailed clump of turf?

25. Vita Sackville West and her husband Harold Nicholson created which garden before moving on to the more famous Sissinghurst?

26. Which queen is thought to have introduced the hollyhock to England?

27. Thomas Church established the ‘California School’ of garden design. In which city was his practice based?

28. Room Outside, which promoted the idea of the garden as an extension of the house, was the first book by which renowned British designer?

29. Which Cornish garden is undergoing the largest restoration of its kind in Europe and will celebrate its 400th birthday in 2003?

30. Which feature of the gardens in Hampton Court was planted in 1768, making it probably the oldest of its kind in the world?

31. In which royal garden is there a miniature replica of a Welsh cottage, which Queen Elizabeth II played in as a child?


1. Chelsea 2. Leylandii hedges 3. Prince Charles 4. Bastille Day 5. No-mow grass 6. With houses made from workmen’s old leather boots 7. Women gardeners 8. Garlic 9. Frances Hodgson Burnett 10. Autumn 11. The lime tree 12. Spring 13. Robert Burns 14. Robert Louis Stevenson 15. Sunflower 16. Edith Wharton 17. Being There 18. Groombridge Place 19. Green Card 20. rain; flower; green; bug; wind; rose 21. A pineapple 22. Sir William Nicholson 23. Kew 24. Albrecht Durer 25. Long Barn 26. Eleanor of Castile 27. San Francisco 28. John Brookes 29. Heligan 30. The vine 31. Royal Lodge, Windsor

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