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Brighten up your workplace and reduce stress levels: buy a plant!

The introduction of a plant into a working environment is a simple way of bringing about a major transformation. Depending on your choice, the plant could enhance the office’s decorative style, reduce the levels of pollution in the air, soften an imposing atmosphere, and create a natural screen to increase privacy. And that’s not all. The little regular tasks involved in looking after plants – removing fading foliage or flowers, watering and occasional feeding – can reduce your stress levels. If any of these points sound attractive, just consider what it is that you principally want from your plant.

We’ve put together a list of plants that are all low-maintenance, requiring only regular watering and a light feed every now and again.

· Madagascar dragon tree – this exotic slow-grower is justifiably popular, its glossy, red-edged spikes shooting out from slender trunks.
· Mother-in-law’s tongue – an eye-catching succulent with an old-fashioned name, this is easy to look after, and – in time – will stretch up to a height of around 1.2m.
· Umbrella tree – gold-variegated leaflets curve down gracefully around the leaf stalk of this shrub, which grows slowly and surely to a grand height of about 1m.

Big and bushy:
· Weeping fig – over time, this graceful plant grows into a splendid specimen, expanding in height and width. Choose a variegated form for extra colour.
· Spider plant – one of the easiest houseplants, it nevertheless repays any additional care you might lavish on it. Its stripy leaves arch into a mop of colour. Produces tiny white flowers in the summer.
· Sweetheart plant – sweetheart by name, sweetheart by nature. This is a fast grower that’ll leap up a frame, or dangle over a ledge. Its heart-shaped leaves catch the light, cheering up a dark spot.

Cleaner air:
· Rubber plant – the classic houseplant, this variety makes a strong decorative statement and – big plus – is amazingly effective at removing airborne pollutants.
· Spider plant – see above
· Weeping fig – see above
· Umbrella tree – see above

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