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Garden Centre

Pair of Moonlight Markers 25Sunflower planter 35Floating Solar Fountain 49Kensington Hardwood Table and Four Chairs 229
An outdoor room, for relaxing and entertaining, making the most of limited space with planted pots, tranquil water and effective lighting. You can achieve this quickly and effortlessly for a summer of enjoyment

  • Use soil-based compost when planting to help moisture retention. (Multi-purpose compost encourages free drainage)
  • Water plants in containers regularly, a daily sprinkle when hot rather than the occasional soaking
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularly to encourage repeat flowers through summer

  • Decking makes an easy terrace surface to walk out onto
  • Furniture and planted pots or planters combine well
  • Wood, terracotta and canvas add a warm, natural feel
  • Pots and planters are ideal for immediate results and small spaces
  • Architectural or flowering plants are both ideal for containers

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