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This is a small genus of plants that were originally classed as Chrysanthemums and it is not difficult to see why when you look at the flowers.

These are tender plants from Madeira and the Canary Islands and although shrubby perennials they are usually treated as annuals and propagated afresh each year.

They are some of the striking and reliable summer bedding plants for borders, containers and often for use in hanging baskets. Some are grown as standards on long stems and are kept from year to year but these must be overwintered in a warm greenhouse.

The flowers of the species are all daisy like with a central yellow disk and white, yellow or pink petals surrounding it. In many of the cultivars the central disk has become enlarged and gives the flower a double appearance. As long as the temperature does not get too cold the plants are in constant flower.

Some also have very attractive foliage. Argyranthemum gracile, for example has very finely cut leaves that looks like green hair.

The best way to increase them is to over-winter the plants in a greenhouse and them take basal cuttings in the late winter. Sometimes plants will over winter outside in milder areas, the top-growth getting cut back but underground parts remaining alive to reshoot in spring.

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