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How to Install Trellis
Trellis is an instant way to screen or divide off parts of your garden without casting too much shade. As well as making an attractive feature in it's own right, trellis can be used to support lightweight climbers . Wooden trellis panels are widely available but mass produced ones can be flimsy and badly made. For a main feature, it is worth making your own, or getting some made to your own design. Remember, a trellis screen is only as strong as its supports, so use proper fence posts that have been pressure-impregnated with preservative and take the time to anchor the posts securely in the ground. Step 2 shows different methods of anchoring; decide which you are using before buying the posts to make sure you get the right height.
you will need
Trellis panels; fence posts; pegs and string; material for anchoring the posts in the ground; metal panel brackets; galvanised nails (65mm); a hammer; outdoor wood stain; brushes; caps or finial (decorative cap) for the top of the posts. Optional: spirit level.
Mark out the line of the trellis screen with pegs and string. Lay the panels on the ground so you can mark the position of the posts.
Where each post will go, either knock in a metal fencing spike, dig a hole and fill with rubble or fix a Metpost post holder depending on which method you have chosen. Metal spikes should be inserted straight i.e. upright in the ground. Post holders are good for hard surfaces like a patio . They are bolted down and you will need a masonry bit to make the holes and a spanner to secure the nuts. Posts should be square on to the marked line this can be judged by eye, and straight use a spirit level to check this.
When two posts have been erected and any concrete used has dried, fix panel brackets to the sides of each post. Two brackets per post, one 30 cm from the top and the other 30 cm above soil level.
Slot the panel in place and fix it into position, the trellis will last longer if it is just above the ground rather than resting on it. Continue until all the trellis panels are in place. Nail caps or finials on to the top of the posts.
Paint everything with a garden wood stain, you will need a couple of coats so that the darker posts match the lighter wood of the trellis.
Use panels to space posts and install.
Attach trellis keeping the base off the ground.
Paint or stain to match other timber.

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