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How to Move or Divide a Perennial
If you discover you've planted a perennial in the wrong place - it's too tall, or you have not put it in a good spot to thrive - they're simple enough to move. Perennials are also easy to divide, making a number of new plants from a single clump. Most plants should be moved or divided when they are dormant. That's between late autumn and early spring. Don't do this kind of work in very cold, dry or wet weather, as you wont give the plants a chance to get growing well again.
you will need
Perennial to be moved or divided; space in your beds; spade; fork; watering can. Optional: another fork; thin gardening or rubber gloves.
Cut off any dead top growth on the plant. With your fork, dig around the the plant, gently easing the clump from its position. Put the fork into the ground far enough away from the central rootball to avoid damaging its roots. Lift the clump onto the soil beside the original planting hole. If simply moving a perennial, replant it in a new planting hole. See the Workshop: How to Plant a Perennial. If dividing and replanting complete the following steps.
With your spade, chop down through the woody centre of the crown of the plant to make several separate pieces. If your perennial has a lot of stringy roots, you may find it easier to use two forks back-to-back to divide the clump into sections.
Use your hands to divide these pieces into smaller pieces of plant. Work from the outer sections of the plant pieces. Discard any older woody parts, and keep only the young, vigorous pieces with several new shoots on each smaller piece of plant.
Tidy up the new small plants - trim off any remaining top growth. Space these new plants out, dig holes with your hand trowel and replant to the same depth that they were before. Firm the soil in well around their roots with your hands. Water in well and check that the soil does not dry out completely for the first season after division.
Dig up the perennial to be moved or divided.
Chop down through the plant's centre to make new plants.
Replant the new small plants where you need them.

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