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How to Install a Decking Tile Patio
Adding a decking tile patio to your garden is an easier, lighter job than traditional paving. It is also very ‘in’ at the moment. There's a range of types available in a variety of price ranges. Decking tiled surfaces are an attractive option for a number of reasons - they are softer, less expensive, available in a range of styles and sizes, including curves, and can be coloured to match your garden. They can be laid over existing concrete, and some are flexible enough to be laid on grass or over uneven ground. Always follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions for maximum lifespan and safety of the finished surface. Make a sketch of the tiled patio you want to help calculate materials.
you will need
Deck tiles - enough to cover the area; beams and fixing battens as required; non rusting screws or nails; hammer; level; saw. Optional: line and pegs for marking out; landscape to suppress weeds; coarse sand; decking paint and / or varnish to finish.
Mark out the site to size, level and compress the soil. If laying on old concrete, clear the area and ensure that it is level. To prevent weeds from growing through from below, lay landscape fabric over the area, and leave untrimmed until your tiles have been laid. Cover fabric with a layer of coarse sand.
If a framework of beams is required, install this now, using pressure treated timber cut to length. Space beams at the recommended intervals to suit your tile laying pattern and make sure that the tops present a level surface. If your deck tiled patio surface joins onto another paved area, make sure that the finished surface will be level with the other.
Lay the tiles in the pattern you want over the area, and leave the required spacing between them. Don’t nail or screw into place until you are happy with the result. Make sure that fixings are flush with the timber surface for safety and looks. Always remember to use galvanised or other non rusting fixings. Add a skirting or edge board for a finished look to any area of deck tiles.
Finish your new deck. Apply varnish,stain or paint as recommended or required. A tiled deck can be kept clean of mud and debris by hosing down and brushing with a stiff broom. The manufacturer of your tiles may recommend the periodic application of a water repellent treatment to maximise the lifespan of the surface.
Lay landscape fabric and pegs for your decking pattern
Fit decking tiles to the grid of pegs
Only nail or fix down when you are happy with the pattern and level

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