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For lots of people gardening is about plants, growing them, looking after them and enjoying them. But for many others the garden is a room, an extension of the house, a place to relax, to entertain. It may easily not be a garden in the traditional sense; a balcony perhaps or a patio; no lawn, no trees, but the same atmosphere that makes you relax.’ Take it Easy’ is a column for the leisure gardener and each month we will be giving you suggestions and ideas that will make you want to, well, take it easy

All work and no play...Even keen gardeners enjoy just sitting in their gardens relaxing with a good (gardening) book, or entertaining friends in their own private Edens. And for some of us it is the main attraction of a garden. Round the fire in winter, on the terrace in summer. Any garden needs space to sit and watch the world go by, in your preferred spot, be it sun or shade.

The Deck Chair
Most people are pretty particular about the type of seat they go for, too. The last few summers have seen the humble deckchair become a bit of a garden style icon.

A deckchair is a great entry level - in other words ‘cheap’ – item into the many-layered world of garden seating. Another plus is that they force you into the perfect position for sipping a glass of cold white wine or beer. And, of course, they’re portable. So if you’re too hot, cold or just bored with the view, just up chair and move.

A Shady Spot
But you may not either want or have room to move. If not you need an awning and the market for these is now fantastic. A few years ago it would have been a boring canvas sheet you extended from your terrace wall, looking like the local newsagent.

But in a good example of how a fashion statement at the top end of the market can create a broad range, the appearance of a haute couture Persian Tent in a Chelsea Flower Show designed garden opened people’s eyes to the potential for attractive, temporary garden tent/awnings that give shade, create a mini-room and give you the illusion you’ve put up a marquee at home.

Visit our Garden Store and check out the range of seats and awnings

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