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Last month Stephen Anderton started our column about kids’ gardening with a few encouraging ideas. This month Stephen’s daughter, Eleanor Anderton (aged 15), tells us about some of her favourite things to do in the garden

I've spent most of my life in and around gardens, as my Dad's a gardener. Even when I was tiny I remember planting out seedlings, learning to name ferns we saw on walks, growing oaks from acorns, and picking (well, mostly eating!) the strawberries and blackcurrants from the veg patch.

As I got older my views on what is good in a garden changed. I'm now more interested in the design side of gardening and like to see big, bold and colourful shapes and the use of water and the different modern architectural materials, such as glass and metal.

When it comes to flowers I like the brightly coloured ones with large faces. The sunflowers in our garden last year were just right, and so were all the tulips this spring.

What I hate about some gardens is the endless scattered beds of feathery, bitty flowers. I like to see a well-considered shape even in a flowerbed.

I like our garden, though I am still working on trying to get my Dad to build us a log flume into the design! We spend quite a bit of time thinking about new ideas about what to do next. I am very proud to say that last week I won the battle over the placing of our new silver ball chair, and it's now in the bamboo grove at the bottom of the garden!

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