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Rockdust is freshly crushed volcanic rock from Collace Quarry in Perthshire, Scotland. Rockdust contains 78+ minerals and trace elements that can help with poor acidic soils. This amazing product provides a slow natural release of trace minerals and elements which increase the nutrients absorbed by plants. Earthworms that deposit mineral-rich worm casts digest Rockdust, thus increasing mineral availability, microbial activity and natural fertility of soil or compost. Rockdust boosts soil fertility to grow bigger, healthier, organic fruit, vegetables, flowers and lawns.

Rockdust can be used with organic soil conditioners and plant foods and it contains a natural balance of lime. Do not add lime or lime-rich products, as too much lime will bind up the 78+ minerals.

Rockdust can also be used as a compost activator and should be applied at the beginning of the process, simply sprinkle onto each layer of green waste to encourage microbial activity, increase temperature, reduce odours, lock in nitrogen and speed up the process. The end product is much more naturally fertile, organic compost.

Soil application: Apply at the start or end of the growing season and sprinkle evenly using a spade or a rake into the soil surface. The Scottish Organic Growers Association and Organic Farmers and Growers Association have approved Rockdust for organic gardening.
4kg bag covers approximately up to 8sq Metres and needs to be applied every 5 years.

Grey when dry and nearly black when wet.

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prompt delivery kiwigardener on 18 March 2014

Great product , looking forward to the results.

Very please with the swift delivery Melody Powell on 5 November 2010

I sprinkled the product over my land,only to realise that I would need lots more! But I am excited about the improvements it will make.

It's dust and it rocks! Markfezzer on 3 September 2010

Product arrived in good time and was well packaged.

Looking forward Jaci on 29 May 2010

Like Yewjay, I have yet to use the Rock Dust. However I have seen the results of the product after just one year on vegetables and herbs. I was very impressed - I just hope I can do as well as that.

Good for Organics YewJay on 5 November 2009

I haven't used it yet, but as it is said to need using only every 5 years it appears to be a good slow-release fertiliser with all the Vital trace elements. Only time will tell!

The Worms Love it! Maya on 25 June 2009

There has been loads of extra worm activity in my biodynamically created compost heaps since adding the rock dust - so very pleased with this purchase, which is also great value.