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This Grow Light Garden is perfect for growing salads and herbs or for early season seed starting. Grow what you love, love what you grow - all year long. Full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year round growing.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled tough plastic and sturdy aluminium
  • Electronic ballasts eliminate annoying buzzing while in operation
  • 2x High efficiency Sunblaster 24 Watt high output lights
  • Consumes 20% less power than a standard domestic light bulb and gives 10,000 hours of use
  • NanoTech Reflectors reduce heat build up and maximise performance by reflecting 100% of the light towards the plants
  • Supplied with 4x reusable tough growing trays for easy succession planting
  • Includes raised platform insert and capillary matting allowing plants to self water for up to 14 days (subject to climate conditions)
  • Canopy height adjusts easily to a maximum of 38cm from the base to achieve optimal plant growth
  • Attractive table top design perfect for use in the home, office or restaurant
  • Some home assembly is required


  • Overall: W62 x D40 x H47cm
  • Growing Trays: W37 x D13.5 x H6cm
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great idea genuine purchaser on 18 May 2021

I bought it looks good to me, but it is my Wife that will be the user when its time to put it into use, She likes to grow plants, I like instant gardening rather get full grown plants straight into the garden

A great piece of kit that does the job well Diane on 13 May 2016

Although I have heating in my greenhouse my tomato plants were not growing well because of the low light levels due to the weather and because I use bubble wrap to keep the heat in. I bought the grow light garden and set it up on my dining table and within three days my tomato plants had become greener and just about doubled in size. The same with my chilli plants. It is important to keep the correct distance between the plants and the lights as they will become leggy. I had been watering them and moving the inside plants to the outside and had left the lights at the highest level for a short while and they were already stretching for the light but fortunately no harm done. It is not always easy to adjust the height of the tubes only because one of the supports fits loosely in one side of the tray and comes out whenever I try to move the tubes higher. The other support I tapped in with a rubber hammer and fits snugly and doesn't move at all. Even though I have tried turning the post around and tried it in the other side the same thing happens so clearly a slight difference in the size. In spite of this I am really impressed by this product and intend using it for a lot more seeds and plants.

Great! Hot gardener on 8 November 2010

Easy to assemble, sturdy components and it works really well. I like the neat, contained design - it certainly looks good enough to use in the house. I was especially glad to see it is made in the UK also.

steveo on 31 August 2010

This is a great item for the early stages of plant growth, comes with everything u need, the only issue I have had is keeping the light to stay up, so have attached fittings myself to make sure the light doesn't fall. Apart from that, super quick delivery and very happy.

Have always wanted one soniamorris4 on 10 December 2018

I was going to get one of these a few years ago, but felt I could not justify the cost .Then when I saw this at a reduced price I decided to get one as we eat a lot of salads in our house and what with the price in the shops going up all the time ,plus the fact that a lot are not worth the cost, and sometime I end up throwing some away either because they are old or starting to go rotten. Plus I would like to get a early start to the season with tomatoes etc. There was slight problem with the unit as some of the parts were missing so could not put it together.One quick phone call and the missing parts were sent out. I can now put it together and start growing my own lettuce and have them fresh.


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