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The Nippon Ant Killer Soluble Sachets are an easy-to-use insect eliminator ideal for lawns, patios, paths and decking.


Each sachet contains a measured amount of insecticide suitable for addressing hard external surfaces, while the formula contains cypermethrin which is a popular domestic insect treatment. For best results, dissolve a sachet into a watering can and pour over the infected area. This treatment is also effective against cockroaches, beetles, ticks, woodlice and other kinds of onerous crawling insects.

  • The set includes 2 x 25g sachets.

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Great value antomkirkley on 6 July 2019

seems to be working Very pleased that it was posted to me so quickly

Excellent product, quick and easy to use, great value - very fast delivery Edwards on 21 July 2017

I have been having a lot of problems this year with ants in our driveway and on the grass. The white powder product that we have used in the past was not working this time so we tried this liquid version. It is excellent. Very easy to use, just add solution to a watering can of water and use. Extremely effective and an ideal cheap solution. Used once about 6 days ago and ants have not been seen since.

Great Product Malcolm Parsons on 18 July 2017

Have used this in the house and outside on lawns and patio. One treatment will get rid of an ant nest and is also effective on woodlice.

It easy and it works jthompson1 on 3 June 2016

Whenever I come across ants as I am planting out plants, or digging in my garden I make up a solution and treat the affected areas. I have used it on my flower borders and plants in tubs, to no ill effect. I tried nematodes in the past - very expensive and not as effective as this product. I am pleased to say I have got a lot less ants than usual this year. More than happy to recommend

Great product stanleybwilliams on 1 July 2014

After moving into a new house our dog after being in the garden was bitten on the under side We orderd and followed the instructions and waterd the garden We can now let the dog out and no bites We have since purchased another three lots of thi product Good product and works

Excellent value. Linda52 on 31 August 2013

Fantastic product. Have suffered with ant hills infestation in garden for quite some time and this product is amazing. Kills off nests on contact, quick acting. Whenever we see any ants in the garden we treat the area straightaway. You can never get rid of ants completely anyway as they move on to somewhere new but with this product we don't have the infestations we used to. Have ordered more to keep in stock and recommended it to friends.

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Q & A

Q: Can it be used on a lawn?
A: Yes this product can be used on lawns.
Q: Is this safe for wild birds if I use it on my lawn?
A: This product is made with cypermethrin which is non-toxic to birds.