Gardman Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Bird Feeder


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This simple but highly effective Guaranteed Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder ensures that those pesky squirrels cannot pinch the nuts meant for wild birds! This is a quality construction of stainless steel and aluminium which means that is strong, durable and impenetrable by squirrel’s strong teeth. If a squirrel should approach it from above and attempt to climb down to the feeding section, its bodyweight will cause the protective sleeve to lower and save the peanuts for your feathery visitors.

Frustrated and hungry squirrels will tirelessly seek out any opportunity of a vantage point from which they can bypass the mechanism of this feeder and leap directly onto the nut cage. Therefore, you must hang it so that the squirrels can ONLY approach from above. Wherever you hang your feeder, be certain to use the supplied wire to suspend the feeder at least one foot below the hanging point.


  • BTO approved

    With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime – do not disappoint them, they will depend on you!

    Height: 34cm
    Capacity: 240g of peanuts

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