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Ideal for trees, shrubs, roses and edibles, Empathy rootgrow™ is a specially formulated blend of mycorrhizal fungi that develops a huge secondary root system to support your plants for their entire lifetime! Only one application is required and within 4 weeks your seedlings will develop the secondary root system to supply a lifetime of nutrients that will greatly enhance flowering and fruiting.

Mycorrhizal fungi are widespread throughout nature and are a fundamental reason for normal plant growth and development. 90% of all plants rely on a mycorrhizal fungi root system. While a plant will gradually develop its own mycorrhizal root system, planting them with Empathy rootgrow™ will speed this process up. It can take up to 3 years for it to develop naturally whereas Empathy rootgrow™ can get the mycorrhizal root system established within one month.

RHS Endorsed

By adding mycorrhizal fungi at planting time, the treated plants:

  • Have significantly improved vigour
  • Have superior plant establishment
  • Overcome replant problems more successfully
  • Have better developed root systems
  • Are better able to cope with conditions of drought

    A year’s supply for the average gardener! One pouch will treat up to 1 x 100 Litre container or 19 x 2 Litre pots.

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