Levington John Innes No2 Compost 25L

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Levington John Innes No2 Compost 25L is a traditional compost mix which is a free draining and open textured soil based compost which promotes optimal plant growth. Developed by Mr John Innes in the 1930’s it is still a popular choice which is favoured by traditional gardeners and has a strong following. John Innes compost is predominantly peat based but also includes sterilised loam and has a higher proportion of heavy particles like grit and sand than other composts and as a result is much heavier. A numbering system is used to indicate the nutrient levels within the compost.

This compost has a carefully balanced nutritional mixture of loam, peat and grit sand, and has been specially developed as a balanced potting mix to be used on medium plants, transferring them into larger containers and re-potting established houseplants and vegetables.

  • The grit sand acts as a physical conditioner to allow excess water to drain from the compost.
  • Specially balanced nutrient level feeds for 6 weeks.
  • For potting medium sized plants.

The high nutritional formula in John Innes Compost provides a wide spectrum of plant nutrients needed for balanced growth. No 2 Compost also enhances moisture retention and improves drainage and helps plants develop strong roots and abundant blooms.

Contents: 25 Litres

Composition: Peat, Loam, Sand, Fertiliser.

Ph: 6 - 7

This bag will approximately 3 x small 25cm pots, 1 x medium 32cm pot, or 3 hanging baskets.

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