Westland SafeLawn Lawn Treatment - 14kg


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Westland SafeLawn Lawncare Solution is created from a natural blend of chicken litter, feather meal , bone meal, and friendly bacteria thus creating a high quality, 100% natural, slow release granule, with an effect lasting up to 4 months.

Once wetted the granule will break down into the soil, meaning they cannot be picked up or transferred anywhere making it safe to use around pets and children.

Friendly bacteria break down dead organic matter, converting it to grass nutrients. This creates more space for grass to grow into and thicken as it non selectively strengthens weed roots systems.
The slow release feed (NPK7-3-5) is carefully balanced to promote greening without creating a flush of weak green growth, and is rich in natural trace elements, bio-stimulants and organic matter.

Produced in-house, to a very high specification, Safe Lawn is dust free and with a vastly reduced odour when compared to competitors.

To thicken the lawn, Safe Lawn includes selected lawn seed varieties:
Perennial Ryegrass: promotes fast germination and hardy upright growth.
Creeping Fescues: this spreads and thickens the existing grass.


  • 100% natural organic fertiliser.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Creates healthier and stronger lawn.
  • Prevents weeds and moss.
  • Added grass seed to fill gaps and patches.


Coverage: 400m2

When to use:

  • Apply every 3-4 Weeks from February to September when the grass is actively growing.
  • For best results apply to the lawn after mowing and remove the clippings for better seed-soil contact.

BEST CONDITIONS: Do not apply during drought or freezing conditions, or when frost is expected.

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