Stratiotes Aloides Aquatic Plant - Pack of 5

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An unusual floater to add interest to your pond, this Stratiotes Aloides resembles a spider plant or an aloe with its long, narrow and serrated leaves. Also known as Water Soldier, it is a very hardy aquatic plant that likes to have its roots in contact with the soil or mulm on the base of the pond. It spends much of the year underwater and rises to the surface to flower during the summer and once pollinated it submerges again. Most ponds containing this plant have clear water.

Floating plants not only make attractive additions to any pond environment but also provide shelter and food for a wide range of aquatic organisms. Most floating pond plants do not need to be planted as they trail their roots in the water and float about your pond or water garden. They compete with algae for the nutrients in your water garden. This competition results in less algae and a cleaner pond. Floating water plants also provide shade for fish and surface cover for your pond.

Flowering Period: Jun- Aug
Min. height: 10cm
Max. height: 15cm
Min. spread: 15cm
Max. spread: 30cm
Growth: Medium
Likes: Full sun or part shade


Allow to die back naturally. The old plant rots away and the young plants rise to the surface the following spring to bear small white flowers and start the cycle all over again.



Quantity: Pack of 5

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