Eleocharis Acicularis 9cm Aquatic Plant - Pack of 3

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One of the best oxygenating plants and good nitrate remover, this attractive Eleocharis Acicularis is a slender, little tufted plant with needle-like stems, each terminating in a brown spikelet. It is very versatile and adaptable to a large range of different conditions. Also known as Needle Spike Rush it grows above the water as well as below and colonises into bright green, dense mats that resemble underwater lawns. It will cover the bottom of ponds and creep up underwater slopes and then into muddy margins.

Oxygenating plants are ones with their foliage fully submerged in the water. During daylight hours they absorb carbon dioxide from the water and release oxygen into it, hence the name. They help to combat algae and blanket weed as they not only absorb nutrients from the water but also provide shade, therefore leaving less food and light for algae to grow. These plants will grow at any depth where there is enough light. Most have their roots in soil, but some float freely, absorbing all they need from the water.

Flowering Period: Aug & Sep
Min. height: 15cm
Max. height: 40cm
Max. depth: 60cm
Growth: Medium
Likes: Full sun to part shade


Little maintenance is required.


Quantity: 9cm Plant – Pack of 3

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