Tulbaghia Violacea 1ltr Aquatic Plant - Pack of 3

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This fabulous, clump forming perennial, the Tulbaghia Violacea, is a terrific marginal for your pond’s edge. Also known as Society Garlic, it bears narrow leaves and large clusters of fragrant, pale purple flowers that are held in large terminal umbrels to make a colourful addition that free flowers from midsummer to autumn.

Marginal plants basically finish a pond. Typically a pond should be designed with a shelf around the edge so that the pots can be placed on it with the top of the pots submerged as this prevents unwanted weeds growing in the damp soil on the surface. The shelf can be filled with clean gravel so the pots can be easily pushed into it which allows roots to break through so removing them is not required. The gravel also encourages the useful cleaning bacteria that help prevent algae growth and can be arranged to allow water dwelling creatures, such as frogs and newts to climb out.

Flowering Period: Jul-Oct
Min. height: 10cm
Max. height: 50cm
Max. depth: 1cm
Growth: Slow
Likes: Full sun


Little maintenance is required.


Quantity: 1 Litre Plant – Pack of 3

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