3P Technik Filter Collector Universal Fixing Kit

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Water Butts


The 3P Technik Filter Collector Universal filters and then diverts harvested rainwater from your downpipe, which helps maintain the highest quality of collected tank water.


  • For use with tanks of all sizes, from industrial sized tanks to small garden water butts
  • Stainless steel filter mesh is easily cleaned in-situ
  • Comprises: Standard Filter Collector as well as a Universal Fixing Kit
  • Kit includes a 30 cm flexible pipe, a hose tail, back nut, rubber sealing washer, and a flat bit for cutting the necessary entry point in the tank wall
  • Fits all UK round down-pipes from 68 to 100mm, square 65 to 75mm
  • Also compatible with any 3P or other tanks up to 7 mm wall thickness with a lid or other access point which allows one to reach into the tank to tighten the back nut to the hose tail
  • Provides a water-tight seal which allows the filter to act as the overflow point

The 3P Technik Filter Collector Universal Fixing Kit is available in the following colours:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
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Excellent product. If only it had a right angle connector it would have been perfect MOG on 31 August 2019

Cannot fault value or delivery. The filter itself was excellent except I then had to spend £8.60 on a right angle adapter as a straight connector was not suitable. I appreciate that this is not an issue with Greenfingers but perhaps you could suggest to Technics that it would be a useful addition or alternative to the one supplied in the kit.


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