Swift Watershed Roofing Kit

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Swift Watershed Roofing Kits provide a durable roof for your garden building. They are made from light-weight and easy to use corrugated bitumen roofing tiles. Allowing rainwater to be channelled down the slope of your roof and away from your shed.

The bitumen tiles can be used as an alternative to felt or laid directly on top of existing felt. The roofing kits are simple to install requiring only the most basic DIY tools i.e. electric screwdriver, tape measure and step ladders. There is no need to cut the tiles as they easily overlap each other but can be cut using a hacksaw if required.

Included with the kits you will receive; roofing tiles, ridge tiles, timber battens, fixing screws, screw caps and instructions.

  • No maintenance required – simply brush away debris
  • Swift guarantee the tiles won't weather for 10 years.
  • Can be used as an alternative to felt or over existing felt
  • Attractive corrugated design and dark colour
  • No need to cut tiles
  • Tiles made from water-repellent bitumen
  • Can be used with or without guttering
  • Tiles overlap to provide a weatherproof seal
  • Easy to handle and light-weight tiles
  • Max weight per tile 2kg
  • Tiles are Flexible
  • Simple to install
  • Manufactured in compliance with EN534:1998 Corrugated Bitumen Sheets and ISO14001:2004 Environmental standards

The Swift Watershed Roofing kits are available for the following shed sizes:

  • 3x5ft 3x6ft and 4x6ft
  • 5x5ft
  • 6x6ft
  • 5x7ft
  • 6x8ft
  • 6x9ft
  • 7x7ft
  • 7x8ft
  • 6x10ft
  • 6x12ft
  • 8x8ft
  • 8x10ft
  • 8x12ft
  • 8x14ft
  • 10x10ft
  • 10x12ft
  • 10x14ft
  • 10x16ft


Full Tile - W86.6 x H66.6cm

Half Width - W43.3 x H66.6cm

Half Height - W86.6 x H33.3cm

Quarter - W43.3 x H33.3cm

Ridge - W100 x H49.5cm


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Good value ROBERT GREY on 23 January 2019

Easy to assemble and fit. Plenty of screws supplied and everything fitted well.Take care with the black caps on the screws as if screws are not straight these may not click in. Looks good on the shed.

Does what it says on the tin fronty on 21 October 2019

I got fed up of re-felting my 8x8 shed every few years so took the plunge and bought one of these kits. As another reviewer said, if the screws don't go in straight then it can be hard to get the plastic caps to snap on, but a little tap from a hammer usually did the job. Make sure you have a cordless drill/driver, you will use it loads! There were enough battens included but drill pilot holes in them to stop them splitting when you screw them down. The kit is supplied with plenty of screws in three different lengths, but there are some cases where you'll have 3 tiles overlapping, so save some of the longer screws (which are actually for the ridge tiles) for those as I found the medium screws weren't long enough. Make sure you check and double check your measurements so that when you secure a tile you are screwing into a batten, it's easy to miss them if you are 1/2 inch or 1 inch off. I didn't need the half width panels in the end so have those spare for a kennel if we end up getting a dog at some point. It took me the best part of a day to fit this kit so make sure you start early if winter so you don't run out of light. The instructions are brief and just give a hint what to do really, but there is a video in the gallery that gives clearer instructions. All in all I'm pretty happy with the end result, I bought from greenfingers because they were the cheapest I could find.


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