Smartedge Flexible Lawn Edging - Black - H14cm

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The easy way to create neat, shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it, forming a permanent, structural, and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over, right to the edge. Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed, removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders.


  • Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade.
  • Biodegradable securing pins binds to the roots of the lawn and decompose naturally
  • Creates turdy and neat edge.
  • When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame.
  • Unique patented A-frame system makes clipping the edging to your lawn quick and easy.
  • Can easily be cut to size with scissors.

The Smartedge is 14cm high and has a depth of 1.9mm and is available in the following 3 different packs sizes:

  • 5m Pack
  • 10m Pack
  • 50m Pack

Customer Note: In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-frame. 

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Good product Alan Colbert on 10 June 2024

The edging product is very effective and robust. Installation takes time and effort to get right. Our soil is very light and crumbles easily, meaning that a nice vertical edge was difficult to maintain during fitting. On curved lines the edging had a tendency to move and draw soil back into the cleared section before it could be pegged down. Patience and persistence cured this and the finished job was worth the effort.

Great product AndyM on 25 October 2023

Perfect for horizontal edged lawns, a long lasting product. Hint: ensure that lawn edge is exactly vertical before fitting round bends ! Have even reused it when changing border sizes with no problems. Best to order extra pins & apply pins to all fixings.

A good product. I'm pleased with the result. amateur gardener on 8 August 2023

This Smartedge is a good product, delivered promptly by Greenfingers at competitive price. I followed the instructions and heeded others recommendations. Essential to create a slot for the product as it just wont be forced in (after first using the edging tool with which Id edged the lawn and thought Id created a deep enough channel) I resorted to a large spade pushed to its full length and levered (once) back and for along full lawn edge (section by section, as I worked) which proved quick; sometimes I had to pull pins through the holes with pliers (even using WD40), and I found pressing down the pins through the guide holes when pin and A frame were in contact with the lawn (which Id heavily-watered per instructions) worked most times (I wasted only two pins with my 40metres); dont let the triangular A frames bend up they are then difficult to try to turn back down once installed (thats in the instructions but an easy mistake) though using one pin per 3or4 holes there should be spares aplenty for fastening; single-handed installation I found OK, though it took time: lightweight product easy to handle, straight lines or curves mostly not a problem but beware the need to keep upright or have to reposition (though a sloping edge would be hidden by soli), A frames showing signs of being disguised and bedding-in in two weeks (though Ive not cut the grass short).

Affordable edging with flexibility Emma Middlebrook on 14 June 2023

This is much more affordable than the metal equivalents and easy to cut to size with scissors. Installation is tricky and you have to ensure that the channel dug is deep enough as you cant apply any pressure to the edging to push further into the ground. It takes 2 people to comfortably manipulate the edging into a curve. The holes are too small for the pins so you will need to use a drill to make the hole a bit bigger. The edging also has a tendency to lean so you have to spend a lot of time trying to get it to stand up and appear more straight. Its done the job I required and at the price I could afford. I am pleased with how it looks but it was hard work getting there!

Great product and service! James Hughes on 23 May 2023

I have a large garden and have used 100m of smartedge. While it can be challenging to install depending on the ground conditions, it is worth the effort both from an aesthetic and maintenance perspective. Delighted with the end result, and would recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it. The delivery took place within 4 days of ordering.

Excellent product Average Gardener on 12 April 2022

We have a small garden which we try to look after but it has always looked a bit scruffy. We edged the lawn with smartedge and it has really lifted the appearance of the garden. Even our neighbours commented on how good it was looking. I used a 50p piece to push the pegs in to halfway and then did the rest with a hammer. Otherwise the pins bend. Very pleased with the purchase and the end result!


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