Smartedge Flexible Lawn Edging - Brown - H14cm

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The easy way to create neat, shaped or straight lawn borders! Smartedge uses its patented A-Frame design to bind itself into the roots of the lawn itself as the grass grows through it, forming a permanent, structural, and maintenance-free barrier which you can mow straight over, right to the edge. Being totally flexible it will fit any shaped lawn edge and once installed, removes the need to continually maintain lawn borders.


  • Made from UV and frost proof polypropylene it will not crack or fade.
  • Biodegradable securing pins binds to the roots of the lawn and decompose naturally
  • Creates turdy and neat edge.
  • When installing you only need to pin every third or fourth frame.
  • Unique patented A-frame system makes clipping the edging to your lawn quick and easy.

The Smartedge is 14cm high and has a depth of 1.9mm and is available in the following 3 different packs sizes:

  • 5m Pack
  • 10m Pack
  • 50m Pack

Customer Note: In normal conditions it should only be necessary to pin every third or fourth A-frame. 

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Not as Easy Ivan Smith on 24 November 2020

We purchased 2 x 10m lengths but fitting was far more difficult than on the video, also the pin holes were too small for the pins and several bent or broke when trying to insert them. Not sufficient pins to safely secure the edging and we had to buy 2 x Extra pins to be able achieve it and would suggest that the manufacturers increase the hole size and provide more pins with each purchase, To summarise I would say be prepared for a more difficult, costly and time consuming job than you thought

Looks Very Good In Position Robert C Clarke on 7 July 2020

I had 4 curved borders to do each about 10 mts long, I started the first border with the edging straight out of the box in its rolled up conditio. But it was quite difficult to control to go round the curves on the border probably due to the stresses of being rolled up for some time. The other problem was the pins do not go through the holes in the triangles. I tried the first one and had difficulty hammering it in, on the 2nd one I bent the pin trying to get it in. In the end I measured the pin, on the ground holding the bit and a 4mm drill was just right and allowed me to push a pin in part way just to hold the triangles to make sure I got the curves right before I hammered or ousdhed the pins fully home.If I needed to remove or reposition a pin it was also easy to remove.For the second border in addition to drilling out all the holes to 4mm I also unrolled the edging and laid it out flat on the lawn with a weight at each end and left it out for a day and night.The edging was then very easy to control and follow any curves. The brown edging looks brilliant in position and borders 3 and 4 will now be a doddle.My recommendation to smartedge, to improve what is a very good product, is to make the holes 4mm and suggest in the instructions to unroll the edging and lay it flat for a period of time.

Looks brilliant Lisa on 26 May 2020

I first saw this smart edge in my friends garden last summer and it always looks so tidy. So I thought Id give it a go. Id seen reviews about the pins not fitting the holes but after 1 attempt I realized you need to tap them in slowly to start off and we had no problem with them at all. I did water the grass for about 4 days to make sure it was soft and that helped. The end result looks fantastic and we are so pleased with it My neighbor saw it and shes thinking about doing hers now. Wish I could include a picture.

It was so good... David Ingham on 18 April 2020

...we have ordered more for the rest of the garden...50 meters. So to say we are happy, is an underestimation. Thank you.

Will do the job! Mrs Davies on 13 November 2019

Have almost finished installing it and think it will do the job which I have been envisaging...believe I will be very pleased with it when it 'matures' into the lawn. I would like to suggest it would be good to offer this product with a choice of depth...say 10 cm or less depth. 14 centimetres is a massive amount of digging and huge quantity of earth to hold in bags waiting to reinsert at appropriate stage. I think I only managed the preparation because the earth is totally sodden due the weeks of I had attempted to do this with hard London clay earth in the summer I believe I might have given up. Care needs to be taken when uncoiling as the serrated edge is pretty vicious which it needs to be to do the job.

lawn edging Roger on 15 July 2019

A really robust lawn edging with an ingenious fixing system, how ever, I found the plastic ring nails supplied were not study enough to penetrate all the positions i needed to do a fixing, and once through the moulded fixing hole were impossible to remove without cutting them off. However I will purchase more of this product but use metal annular ring nails instead.


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