Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots - 10 Litres - 3 Pack



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Ideal for balconies and patios, the Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots are suitable for a wide variety of herbs, flowers and shrubs as well as exotics and smaller sized vegetables.

The magic of Vigoroot fabric comes from its ability to 'air-prune' the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. It also prevents the roots from growing too long, and helps prevent plants from becoming pot-bound, which would normally limit the plants' growth. This means that the plants can grow to a much larger size in a relatively small pot.

At the end of the growing season they can be washed in cold water, thoroughly dried, folded away and stored for the following year.


  • Made from recycled polyester, PET bottles & clothing fabric
  • 3 x 10 Litre pots
  • Air pruning fabric for healthier crops
  • Higher yields
  • More nutrients absorbed
  • Greater resistance to harsh weather, disease and pests


Dia.24 x H24cm

Tip: Super efficient root systems = hungry plants, so plants will need to be regularly fed with a suitable fertilizer (particularly if they have been growing in Vigoroot for a year or more).

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Love these pots SusanScott on 8 July 2021

I originally came across Vigoroot pots when I was looking for something to plant potatoes and tomatoes in. I was so made up with the potato/tomato planter size that I've now bought others in different sizes: 20L, 10L and a tower with the 5L pots. The plants seem to love the pots, they're easy to plant up and water, they don't dry out like normal containers and don't seem to get waterlogged either. Mine have been out in all weathers without any issue, including gale-force winds and major rainstorms. Best of all, the slugs don't seem to like them!

10 Litre Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots keith on 25 May 2021

I notice on Haxnicks website this type of pot of a different size advertised for Tomato plants however since I have grown tomatoes in grow bags I think the 10 Litre more than sufficient for one plant. I wonder about the longevity of this type of pot with the change in UK climate as they will not be under cover. I am told by past users they will be good for some years.

So happy with these containers samh on 26 June 2020

Initially I was looking for some none plastic pots when I came across these Vigoroot pots and read up about how they help the plant root system so thought I will give them a try. I bought the 5 liter pots and was so pleased I went on to buy the 10 litre. Well my tomatoe plants love them and are so strong and healthy looking I am very pleased helping the enviorment and my plants and can use them again next year and beyond....they're great!


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