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5m Everedge Classic Lawn Edging H75cm

5m Everedge Classic Lawn Edging - H7.5cm

by Everedge

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Keep your lawn, driveway, pathways, flower or vegetable beds neatly edged with this Classic Lawn Edging.

Manufactured from galvanised steel with a heavy plastic coating, this edging will not rust and is guaranteed for 10-15 years.

Containing five x 1 metre long pieces with six spikes per piece to give you plenty of options as to where you feel it will enhance your garden best. It can be overlapped or cut but you are advised to touch up the ends with hammerite.Being made of steel, the edging is strong yet also thin enough to easily bend into shape.

Available in a brown or slate finish, this looks great straight or curved in any style of garden, ranging from sleek town gardens to quaint country gardens.

Dimensions: 1m x 7.5cm high
Height of spikes: 9.5cm
Quantity: 5 pieces

Please note that although each piece is 1 metre in length the length is slightly reduced when the pieces overlap to lock.

This Classic Lawn Edging is available in brown or slate colour, please choose below;


How To Install Your Everedge Lawn Edging

  • Step 1: Form a new edge or re-cut the existing edge deeper - effectively make a trench for the Everedge.
    Step 2: Place Everedge in position; moving the spikes from side to side in the soils helps to seat it well.Ensure the Everedge logo is facing the front and that the new piece being installed has the male section locking into the female.
    Step 3: Using a rubber mallet or hammer on a block of wood, drive the Everedge into the ground until the edge is flush with the turf level.
    Step 4: Interlock the overlap
    Step 5: When all your edging is installed, press in the tongue using a screwdriver. Only push to about 45 degrees
    Step 6: Using either another piece of Everedge edging, or a length of timber, Everedge can be bent to the required angle before installing.

Please see extra images for a larger version of the step-by-step images.

Customer note: All the different heights of Everedge Lawn Edging are compatible. The join is always the same height from the top edge so the tops of all sizes will remain flush when put together

Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

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Good product
Great stuff.
Product reviewed: 5m x 7.5cm
It has made a difference to my Garden edges
Pearl Baker
This has made a difference to my Garden Edging, but disappointed paid delivery charges, even on second order. First Order acceptable, but subsequent order could be included in the Price.
Product reviewed: 5m x 7.5cm
Smartened the garden up
Used to replace a plastic circle edge to a flower bed. Inner circle has slate and a sundial. Wish we had done this in the first place as it now looks so crisp
Product reviewed: 5m x 10cm
I think this item is great for the job
Was very pleased with the delivery no damage when arrived and was the perfect item for the job it was used for very happy with this purchase
Product reviewed: 5m x 7.5cm
A great propduct
Having tried other methods, I have found Everedge to be easily the best. Fitting two pieces together is not quite as easy as it sounds; it would be easier if the slot for the locking tab were a bit wider. I found it best to fasten three pieces together before placing the fist of them in the prepared ground. When the job is done,the lawn mower glides over the edges easily so that eventually they are completely hidden by the grass. I'm hoping the edge will last for years.
Product reviewed: 5m x 7.5cm
Excellent product
Very good product, substantial and easy to install. Our requirement was to edge a keyhole shape with 4.5m diameter and the edging bent easily at the corners and followed the circumference perfectly.
Product reviewed: 5m x 12.5cm
Excellent product and service
David Scott
I was delighted with the product when it arrived (on time); it's really strong and very easy to install.
Product reviewed: 5m x 12.5cm
Great product
I purchased this to edge around my new patio, where it meets the hedge. Delivered within 48 hours. Itís perfect for the job required and I would recommend it.
Product reviewed: 5m x 12.5cm
I now have an excellent lawn edging
I had a new round lawn created. It could be difficult to maintain as a perfect circle, but installing Everedge edging should keep the exact shape. It was quite easy to install;the only thing that took time was removing stones that prevented the edging from being dug in. I was lucky that 9 pieces of edging fitted round the circumference almost perfectly, so I didn't have to worry about cutting a piece. I am very pleased with the finished effect.
Product reviewed: 5m x 7.5cm
Lawn Edging
Arrived promptly well packed and easily installed, no problems.
Product reviewed: 5m x 10cm
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