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J Arthur Bowers Cocoa Shell Mulch 50 litre

This product can be found in: Garden Bark | Slug & Snail Stoppers

J Arthur Bowers Cocoa Shell Mulch 50 litre

Product Code: LS4881D


Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
J. Arthur Bower's Cocoa Shell Mulch is made from natural renewable resources as a by-product of chocolate manufacturing which produces a chocolatey aroma. This mulch will break down over time, rotting into the soil, which helps improve its structure. By topping it up every few years you will maintain the benefits.

Perfect for suppressing weeds and holding moisture in beds and borders, once the cocoa shell has been spread and has become wet, it will form a crust, which binds it together - this crust will then help prevent slug and snail attacks. A white mould may occasionally appear on cocoa shell when first applied, this soon disappears as the cocoa shell starts to form the crust which binds it together.

Each bag covers approximately 1.4 square metres, spread at a depth of 5cm

Please note: Cocoa shell contains the naturally occurring substance theobromine - if eaten by dogs, this can be very harmful so please keep your dog away from the treated area until the mulch has settled i.e. a couple of weeks.

Capacity: 50 litres

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Excellent feed and mulch posted on 24/08/2014 by wormcomposter
I have been using this for many years as a feed and mulch for my fruit bushes The bushes thrive and it eventually improves the quality of the soil Weeds if they do grow root very shallowly as cocoa mulch is so nourishing On my allotment I found a docken that had rooted horizontaltally as thats where the nourishment was Very few weeds though as is the bestmulch ever My cats and dogs never go near it I have to use bark on my azaleas to give it give the cats a toilet Thanks for stocking this greenfingers as noone else does nowadays
Excellent product posted on 13/05/2014 by Mr D
This is the 5th year we have been using this product Not only does it deter cats it keeps moisture in weeds down After a couple of years use it also improves the soil
Excellent product posted on 30/12/2013 by Ms P
I have used this to top my plant pots and flower beds, and it looks amazing - lovely colour and shape and also looks good when it gets wet. It goes a long way and I will definitely continue using it.
Great result, but not for dogs posted on 26/09/2013 by MashieNiblick
Since discovering this mulch I have had far less instances of cats using the area for ablutions. It looks good new and becomes darker with weathering. Does tend to crack in very hot weather but recovers with rain. If you a dog owner or worried that dogs can get into your mulched area then maybe best to ignore this product - can harm, even seriously if eaten by them.
Alternative use! posted on 23/09/2013 by Canalshopman
This product makes an excellent base layer for our separating compost toilets. It is absorbent, makes a good carbon addition to the finished compost and smells lovely when applied.
Great product, but look out for nibblers! posted on 15/08/2013 by SallyG
After I had taken delivery of the bags of mulch, I left them unattended by the greenhouse for half an hour. In that time, both corners of one of the bags had been chewed open, allowing the contents to spill out on the lawn - maybe squirrels or mice were the culprits - they must like the smell of chocolate as much as I do!
It looks wonderful posted on 21/06/2013 by Annie6
It is well worth spending the extra money in order to have a different yet delightful finish to my path. People going by are so impressed and want to know what the chippings are. It does have a distinctive aroma but I have only put it down 2 days ago so I think the aroma will wear off, it isn't unpleasant though. Thank you for your wonderful service as well.
good looking posted on 12/06/2013 by laila
Cocoa shell makes my flower beds neat and artistic
Value for money posted on 09/03/2013 by bdsammo
Keeps the weeds down and is pleasant to look at better than wood bark.
VERY GOOD posted on 07/03/2013 by EXPO