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Vitax Copper Slug Tape 4m

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Vitax Copper Slug Tape - 4m

Product Code: LT1197D
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Protect your garden from nuisances such as Slugs and Snails with the Vitax Copper Slug Tape.

An adhesive copper barrier tape that deters insects from ravaging pots, plants beds, greenhouses etc, this is a useful tool in the fight against uninvited creepy crawlies. The tape works by omitting a tiny electrical charge which causes slugs and snails to think twice about disturbing your outdoor area.

Vitax are well-known for their garden-saving range of slug controllers and the Copper Tape could be a turning point in the fight against unwanted garden invaders.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
another wepon against the slug and snail attacks posted on 28/06/2014 by jim tayside
I use the tape slightly diffrent from the makers around the pot idea rap two strips of tape one ground level the other about one inch above the first one do this with lillies etc and your troubles are over a sharp spike and a dawn patrol is another way to deal with them
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