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Garland Heavy Duty Hollow Tine Aerator

Garland Heavy Duty Hollow Tine Aerator

by Garland

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This Garland Heavy Duty Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator removes plugs of soil from the ground, allowing water and nutrients to effectively penetrate the roots of the grass for healthy growth.

  • Four large tines for effective aeration
  • Made from plastic coated heavy duty steel
  • Simple to use
  • Overall height: 90cm
  • Spike length: 9cm
  • Brush lawn sand into the holes for best results
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VALUE (3.2/5)
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Great impliment does the job
Great implement does the job ... delivered early than expected
great value
Excellent tool, great value for the price compared to others. Did what I expected it too, did not block up like others do, would recommend others to purchase this item.
Holy Moly
The reluctant gardener
First comment has to be the construction. This is seriously well built and look as if it will last for years. Nice heavy gauge steel and substantially coated. It's plastic dipped I believe; it won't last forever if you use it as intended but should protect most of the implement for a long time. Second this aerator takes out sizeable plugs of soil around 15 mm wide and 7 cm deep (it's raining and I'm not going outside with a ruler so you'll have to make do with these estimates). Third, contrary to my worry, when using it did not clog up, as you move around the lawn, previous plugs are ejected from the top of the tines making the operation self cleaning. You still have to clean up the ejected plugs, though. Lastly, I am intending to keep using this sparingly along with top dressing, in the continual battle against poor drainage and the spread of moss. Only time will tell.
Unfit for purpose
Whilst the aerator was well constructed,it was way too light to have any effect on a firm lawn ( despite the recent heavy rain my lawn was still firm ) . I am not a heavyweight but despite jumping firmly on it , the tunes would just not even penetrate the soil . I therefore had to send it back . I was really looking forward to aerate the lawn !!
Difficult to use
Whilst this product is sturdy and a reasonable price, I found it impossible to use. Even though it had rained the day before and the ground was damp, I found it impossible to get it into the ground, even putting my full weight on it. The end of the tines are blunt...I expected them to be sharp to cut through the soil/grass. Perhaps more muscle needed but not suitable for an average sized woman to use.

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