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Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer

Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer

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Make light work of cutting the hedge with the fabulous Garden Groom Pro. It has a unique collecting system that makes the job of hedge trimming much simpler. As you cut, none of the waste is left on the lawn, thus saving you time and effort allowing you to enjoy more time relaxing in the garden.

The Garden Groom extra large precision ground rotary blade makes light work of the largest hedge and because it rotates at such high speed produces much finer clippings than a conventional straight blade hedge trimmer reducing their volume by as much as 90% ideal for composting.

Garden Groom is the worldıs only collecting hedge trimmer that has a completely concealed blade. This feature virtually eliminates the risk of cutting the mains cable and significantly reduces the danger of personal injury. Consequently, this eliminates the fear factor that many gardeners face when using a conventional hedge trimmer.

The Garden Groom is also environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of refuse bags used and ideal for collecting clippings that can be used for mulching or composting.

Can be used on most hedges,evergreen and smaller leaves, however please use for regular trimming and not a once a tear trim as this can clog it up.

Comes with a collecting bag attachment capable of holding up to 6 square metres of clippings.

Weight: 4.1kg
500W Motor
10m cable and plug

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Time Saving
Corrine, Leicester
This is the second Garden Groom we have had, execellent product, time saving, and Greenfingers service was the best
Fantastic piece of equipment!
MK Sheffield
I recently ordered the Garden Groom and expected to receive it within 10 to 14 days. Two days later the package arrived! I couldn't wait to try out my new "toy". My hedges now have the look of a professional cut and the great thing about the Garden Groom of course is no sweeping up afterwards! I certainly recommend Greenfingers for their excellent delivery service and would certainly buy from them again.
great gadget
tried it as soon as it arrived.nice and light.very manoverable.will cut hedge level with a bit of practice,but overall a great piece of kit.would recomend to anyone with an old heavy hedge trimmer.
Over the Hedge
Mandy. Lincolnshire
Greenfingers get 10/10 from me for ease of website use. Good quality product. Speedy delivery and packed very well. This Hedge vac is easy to use, Cuts very well. Very clever idea! 100% satisfied.
great value
Will not cut all types of hedge but since i have a tight neat hedge it works a treat.
Practice makes perfect
I have 39 Leylandi which make a hedge 6ft high x 2ft deep plus a 25ft Leylandi at the end. I have had the GG for 3 years now and have a perfect hedge. I have gradually reduced each strand down to the bone leaving a tight green gap free hedge. The GG is the perfect tool for it. I cut twice a year in May and early September. I previously used to fill up to 14 bin bags with waste using a traditional trimmer but as the GG cuts the foliage down to very small pieces I now fill less than one bag, heavy though it may be. There is a little brushing up from escaping pieces but in comparison to before virtually nothing. Yes, it is a little heavy at times but nothing I cannot cope with at 64. I could do with a smaller one handed lighter one for trimming high in the 25ft tree. Finally I recommend that you do trim twice a year to keep the strands short for easy use. You will eventually get a gentler touch avoiding cutting the branch too far back into the wood.
Works pretty much as it says on the tin. Didn't find a problem with the weight - a bit more than a small conventional electric hedgecutter, but a lot less than my Dad's petrol Stihl! Used it on privet, works well, apart from on areas which had grown too long (One of my hedges had over a foot of growth) - it will cut it, but time consuming, so I reverted to conventional hedgetrimmer for the long bits - maybe I need to improve technique on long bits - I haven't viewed the DVD which was included. Collection system works well, just shake the tube every now and then, outlet from the cutters got a bit blocked a couple, but very easy to clear. Emptied bag straight onto compost heap - saves taking up space in the bin!
Good... but heavy
Good at trimming short growth, longer shoots bend away from the protected blades requiring a 'squashing' technique. The auto collect hose is a great idea and wolfs up 90% of clippings, but sadly the rarely make it all of the way to the collector and block the tube. Easily dealt with and still very tidy, just not perfect. Worst element is the weight. I'm 37, male and am in pretty good shape. After one 11m long hedge I was spent and could do no more. Maybe muscles will grow, technique improve or just get easier on shorter growth. Best aspect is cutting flat is really easy. The body of the machine gives you a perfect line. I was an instant expert. Overall happy, but you might need to borrow a traditional hedge trimmer
I have only used it once so far and obviously feel the efficiency will improve with experience. Also the shoots were rather long and I agree that regular cutting is preferable. A little heavy for my arthritic shoulders but the finished effect was very good.
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