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Vitopod Heated Propagators - Large

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The award-winning Vitopod Heated Propagators are the perfect environment for propagating seeds, cuttings and over-wintering plants.

Create the perfect growing environment for your seeds and cuttings in a Vitopod heated Propagator, cold frame and mini greenhouse in one.

These propagators are resistant to UV deterioration so it won’t yellow and it’s made from a durable, slightly flexible material so that there’s less risk of it breaking should accidents happen.


The Vitopod Propagators have been featured in numerous magazines such as House & Garden, BBC Gardener's World, Kitchen Garden, Garden Answers and Garden News – no wonder it’s a best seller. “Best Buy Propagator." BBC Gardener's World 2007

“The ultimate in heat-assisted propagation… you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.” Garden Answers 2007

Successful Propogation 

The Vitopods benefit from a range of key features:

  • Precise control the Vitopods thermostat can be set to any 1c between 5c and 30c. The lower temperature settings are ideal for over-wintering cuttings and prized plants, the higher temperatures are great for getting hot chillies and exotic seeds off to a flying start, and the middle temperatures for good for everything in between. The thermostat shows both the actual and the set temperatures
  • Vitopod heated propagators deliver even heat throughout the base, so there are no hot spots or cold spots and your seeds and cuttings will germinate evenly. The digital thermostat displays the set and achieved temperatures so you can be confident that your plants receive the exact level of warmth they need.
  • Accurate temperature sensor built with a temperature sensor which is highly sensitive triggering the supply of an increased or decreased heat depending on the reading, so what’s inside is always subjected to the correct temperature
  • The Vitopods also have large butterfly vents in the lid and sides. These vents provide greater control over humidity and help create a perfect growing environment. Superior humidity control so your plants don’t suffer from damping-off.
  • Built to last Durability was at the forefront of the Vitopods creation. The lids and sides are made from a robust acrylic and are treated to protect them against UV deterioration. What’s more, the crystal clear lid and sides allows you to keep an eye on your work
  • Ideal for growing a variety of plants and vegetables, the Vitopoda are a great investment and there are so many happy customers up and down the country, why not become one of them.
  • Propagate, harden off and protect plants through the winter – the Vitopods do all three! Usefully, it also flat packs away for those rare moments when not in use.


How it Works 

The Vitopod heated propagators deliver heat evenly throughout the Vitopod base so no hot or cold spots, just even growth and root development.


Please refer to our Vitopod Heated Propagator instruction sheet for more information.

  • Available in both single and double height
Customer Ratings & Reviews
Vitopod, a great addition to the greenhouse posted on 25/01/2018 by Wheelbarrow Bill
Product Reviewed: Double Height
The vitopod arrived well packaged and with good instructions, putting the acrylic panels together proved to be easy and it all fitted together very well. It heated up very quickly and maintained a constant temperature which is most important. I expect to be able to raise a great display of flowers and vegetables with this new adddition to my gardening armoury. I wish I had bought one years ago.
Excellent Piece of Kit posted on 13/01/2018 by kingfisher1954
Product Reviewed: Double Height
Bought this kit to get an early start to grow chilli peppers. A excellent start already. The unit is manufactured from high quality materials and is easy to assemble. The unit was delivered promptly and was very well packed. Would recommend both the product and Greenfingers
Looks good quality and sturdy.Have yet to put it to the test. posted on 13/12/2017 by Bob Wilson
Product Reviewed: Double Height
Having built and put into greenhouse it looks very impressive cant wait to use it. A little disappointed with the controller plug and socket assembly I would have thought a waterproof connector would have been a better choice here. Having all electrics in my greenhouse watertight I feel this is possibly vulnerable. Something I will attend to myself once warranty period has expired. Otherwise quite pleased with it.
Great service and help posted on 01/12/2017 by Edward Hodgson
Product Reviewed: Double Height
Quick delivery and friendly service. Small issue sorted out v quickly and to total satisfaction. These things happen, but so nice that it wasn't any trouble. Highly recommended.
Excellent propogator posted on 23/03/2017 by davep
Product Reviewed: Single Height
I bought the Vitopod after doing quite a bit of research and have not been disappointed. It has excellent thermostatic control, and has the added benefit of being able to add extra layers so that it effectively can become a mini greenhouse for larger plants. Highly recommended.
Great purchase posted on 21/03/2017 by mikedfulcher
Product Reviewed: Double Height
I am really pleased with the propagator which was easy to put together. Parts were well packed and it seems that other customers positive reviews were accurate. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy a propagator.
Just what I needed, posted on 20/03/2017 by Rod Halliwell
Product Reviewed: Single Height
Been looking for a heated propagator for a very long time. After comparing many units I settled for the Vitopod. Glad I did. Great investment & will serve me for many years to come.
posted on 07/03/2017 by mikepro
Product Reviewed: Double Height
Works very well indeed. Put in 15 trays of seeds and so far all but two have produced seedlings. Biggest problem is trying to read the temperatures. Dull grey figures on duller grey background makes reading very difficult and you have to be right in front of it and quite near. A bit of contrast would work wonders.the propagator itself works fine
Exceptional customer service posted on 13/01/2017 by
Product Reviewed: Double Height
I bought 2 of the large double height propagators, 1 tray didn't work, rang customer services they had one sent out immediately, no quibbling, it arrived 2days later, couldn't have been more helpful. Product is excellent and the price is good value, these propagators are the Rolls Royce of propagators. Will be buying another next year. Extra height means seedlings soon develop into plants. Meaning you can get ahead when growing vegetables.
Best greenhouse purchase you will ever make posted on 12/01/2017 by Rob
Product Reviewed: Double Height
Quality product, easy to set up. product arrived with a broken lid but was promptly replaced. keeps a very even temperature and the probe gives an accurate soil temperature.
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