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How to Build an Arch
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Arches can be used over existing paths or to mark entrances from one part of the garden to another. You can build them yourself (see our workshop Making an arched walkway) but you can also buy alots of different kits. Arch kits are quick to erect but some of the metal ones are only suitable for lightweight climbers . Lightweight climbers include: annual climbers, the less vigorous roses that only grow to 3m or so, honeysuckle, jasmine or clematis. Most arches are made of metal or various type of wood from rustic poles to sawn timber. Here is a step by step guide for putting up a metal arch kit. For a wooden arch see Workshop: How to make an arched walkway.
you will need
Metal arch kit; oil; hammer;
Lightly oil the joints before assembling so they slip together easily. Construct the arched top first and use it to mark the position on the ground where the uprights need to go.
Hammer a metal rod into the ground to a depth of 25-30cm, remove the rod and slid in uprights into the holes.You may have to fill in the holes with soil or finely crushed hard core to keep the uprights secure
Fix the top to the uprights. If you are going to use the arch to support plants don't plant them right next to the post and make sure they are tied to the arch when first planted.
Slot the section of the arched top together
Fix the uprights in the ground in the chosen position
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