Chainsaws & Polesaws

Great to help you prune and trim branches letting you keep your trees neat and tidy, while still the go to tool for cutting down trees and chopping logs. Chainsaws are robust, durable and will do the job in no time with minimal effort. We have a range of chainsaws which are reliable, great quality and offer good value for money:

Cordless Chainsaws are quite, produce no fumes, easy to maintain and are perfect for the little jobs around the garden if you are trimming branches or cutting small trees.

Electric Chainsaws are great for the average garden when you occasionally want to cut branches and small trees or logs. No need to worry about the battery running out these will require an extension cord but are easy to maintain and quite.

Petrol Chainsaws while heavier and noisier they and portable and built for power to do larger jobs, these are suitable for clearing large areas of trees and branches.